Try One Habit At A Time To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

One Habit At A Time

Try One Habit At a Time To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

People are good or bad!!! Wait! It’s not like that…

It’s about the habits they have, which make them good or bad. Then why we discriminate people, we should think about the good and bad habits we have. Everyone wants to be a good person and want to be the apple of the eye of its family, but the bad habits stuck with them are the main reason they are considered bad, appalling, terrible, unsuccessful, and immoral.

Why one should try to change the habits?

This is the reason that one should try their level best to be an improved version of them. Nobody is perfect but at least you can become a better person for yourself and others too.

Mostly the bad habits are caused due to boredom or stress. Whether it’s about watching tv, gambling, smoking cigarettes or terrible anger issues. It all happens when you have too much time on your hand or you are too much stressed.

These bad habits are indirectly fulfilling your certain needs. You bite nails or smoke cigarettes to calm down yourself. You play games because it gives you immense inner satisfaction. But anyhow you need to remove them for your permanent sanity.

Here is how to clear your mind from stress.

How to form one habit at a time?

It sounds easier to break your bad habits and instill a new one at a time. Not everyone is capable of breaking their habits. You have to do a lot of struggle and hard work to change your natural tendencies and fight against them. The habits you are following since your childhood can’t change with the good one instantly. It will take some time and too much effort.

But don’t get discouraged and keep reading the entire article that will help you learn some great tips on how to form one habit at a time.

Start with small steps

The study shows that it needs 66 days to remove the one and form a new habit at one time. It will take time and it is obvious. You have to be very patient with your progress and don’t lose your self-confidence. This is doable, you can change your bad habits by doing something new repeatedly.

The first few weeks may go good but that doesn’t mean that you have quit a bad habit. You may feel like you have succeeded and achieved your goal but often it comes back and then it comes with more attraction and charm. So patients indeed is a virtue.

Have a partner for accountability

You must have a sensible friend or a group of loyal friends who care about you and your life. Some friends are like diamonds who want to remove the bad habits from your life. Have that one at least.

Anyone to whom you are accountable, who helps you leave the habit in a shorter period is very important if you want to leave a bad habit. Having someone to report daily about the progress motivates you and it means you really want to push yourself past resistance when you feel it comes up.

Don’t give yourself too many choices

Several choices snatch your ability to take a firm decision. So if you won’t make a habit at a time don’t think about more choices and more opportunities. Stick to the one and move on. You have to decide a time in a day for at least a month.

You can also add when/then statement that when I will wake up I will eat fruit and exercise for 15 minutes daily. Like this, you can have a trigger and you will push yourself to practice that habit. But you have to be very firm in your choices.

Stay determined and focused

It is very important to ask this question to yourself why you want to practice this new habit this time. Check yourself for a week you are following it in a routine or not. Are you adopting this habit to assist others too? as for kindness and care, that can be happier or healthier? You are doing it, just because you have to or this may sound cool for you? These questions will help you stay committed and focused on one habit at a time.

Forming a habit at a time needs determination, focus, and commitment. You can kick start with only one item above and then gradually add others too during the early days and you will be amazed to see the quick results.

Enjoy new habits

If you will try to form a new habit considering it as a chore, it will become a burden for you. Think about the ideas by which you can make it fun and joyous. A habit must be adopted in a way that you can find gratitude in it.

If you will perform it like a part of your daily routine then it will become a hectic job to do. Like if you are adding a workout to your routine, try to add some energetic songs and Zumba dance at the start. It will help you to maintain the progress level.

Recognize what you want

A person needs to know the bad and good habits he already has. Often it happens that we don’t know about our self completely and give chance to others to judge ourselves, which is a totally wrong phenomenon.

When you get free, possibly at night think about the good habits you have appreciated and point out the bad habits you want to change for the sake of your loved ones and your future. This can be possible when a person tries to spend some alone time and deeply think about it.

Identify the bad habits you want to remove

Identify the bad habits you want to remove

Identifying the bad habit that exists is a first good step. After accepting the fact that you have a bad habit, it will become easier for you to figure it out. The moment you realize that you are just giving excuses to yourself and these habits are compulsive and harmful, it’s the right time then you can take action and bring a change.

Your family and your close friends can also help you in this regard. They know you better and can point out the bad habits you have.

Be realistic and stay positive

Thinking positively by staying humble is half of the solution to all problems. This will give you the perfect amount of motivation and confidence to achieve your goal. Being overconfident or thinking negatively about the situation will make you exhaustive and frustrated and you will eventually walk out because you think it an easier and simple job than expected.

So it is very essential to keep yourself optimistic and change yourself accordingly in a realistic manner. It is a natural phenomenon that people who are realistic plan more, persist longer and put more effort to at least try one habit at a time.

Don’t overthink just start

Overthinking can be the biggest obstacle in moving forward to start practicing a new habit. People often think about what others will think. So first they must don’t overburden themselves with the statement of what others think. Next, if you are practicing something good in life, it will gradually be accepted by the people too. So don’t overthink and let’s start!

Keep it as simple as you can

Changing a habit is not less than a war you have with your natural habits within your brain capacity. You are fighting with yourself every morning and night. So the special formula to follow one habit at a time is to keep it simple and easy for you.

You shouldn’t complicate things by imposing too many rules and unnecessary restrictions. Like if you want to quit junk food and follow a healthy lifestyle, so keep it simple by sticking to seasonal vegetables and fruits and what’s easily available to you. Quitting junk food itself is a very big change. Give time to your body and mind to accept it with simple alternatives.

Write down a plan

Planning is a mantra of successful people in the world. Before working on yourself, write down plans, do’s and dont’s and periods of successfully achieving your target for every habit.

This will help you resist going back to the same.

Choose one habit at a time and break one habit at a time

In this modern era, everyone is doing multitasking but it’s not everyone’s piece of cake especially when you want to adopt or break a habit. It may look at the delayed task to focus on only one, but it’s better to achieve one at a time than to ruin the entire game. This will result in starting again, you will regret the time and effort you wasted.

So it’s better to eat one meal at a time ten to overfill your plate with lots of ingredients. Just focus one habit at a time and the step towards the next one when you are ready.


Focusing 100% and giving full attention to a single habit at a time is the best way to change it and improve the quality of your life. This will help you in the periods of laziness and exhaustion.

One habit at a time, baby steps with intention, positivity and a smile can make a lot of difference in you and this world too.

Do you prefer one habit at a time? Leave your comments below.

Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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