The Power of Positive Thinking: Don’t Just Upgrade! Transcend!

The Power of Positive Thinking Don’t Just Upgrade! Transcend!

Power of positive thinking is the same old shit you used to apply for managing your emotions: stop thinking about the problem and it will go away!

Or is it?

Do you align with the belief I mentioned above? Or do you really believe in this power?

Have you known the right steps to use this power?

You may argue, ‘Power of positive thinking is no magic bullet’. And yes it is not. It is just pure science that works. In fact, it is only a human-science that works.

Positive Thinking – In the World around Us

Don’t believe me? Just look around yourself and feel how all circles of our lives are taking impact from positive thinking or lack thereof.

Look at media outlets, political campaigns, parenting tools, and the education sector. All these sectors use either the power of negative thinking to enslave the masses or use its opposite to empower them.

Understand the process your boss encourages you to put more effort into their businesses giving you attainable, possible targets and aligning your success with these targets.

Look how politicians make huge promises of growth and development and peace to lure you into voting for them.

Look at the semester system or annual exam process at schools allowing the students to remain focused and committed.

Everywhere, human minds are shown goals. This goal can be a goal in itself or it can be a tool to avoid fear.

Remember carrot and stick? That’s the most powerful tool that is based on positive thinking power – with a single catch: stick may only help with collective goals while carrot helps with both, individual and collective goals.

That’s one thing that validates the positive thinking power. With positive thinking, individuals grow with society. Change is from within and long-lasting.

With the other transactional route, individuals are dominated regardless of the direction of growth of the society.

Positive Thinking in Our Lives

Positive Thinking in Our Lives - power of positive thinking

Everyone uses positive thinking to upgrade whole systems, so can you!

The same is true with the use of the power of positive thinking in the lives of individual humans. It’s empowering to say the least.

The only problem is we tend to give more credit to voices in our environment than we give to our internal voice.

We exaggerate the meaning and intensity of negative (and positive) thoughts coming from our environment. This prevents us from consciously shape our behavior and personality in the light of our internal feedback and our internal choice to our mind.

Every one of us has heard that positive psychology can help us with emotional serenity and mental health. But seldom of us believe that this thinking pattern can actually shape our whole personality, our strength, and our goals.

Don’t Rely on Positive Thinking to Fight for You!

But what can positive thinking can do for me, after all!

I hear you yelling. And I completely empathize!

You want an answer because the claims of the power of positive thinking only appear like far-fetched lies.

You want more than emotional liberation. Mental salvation is not your only desire.

You want to rule to world.

Or you have big aims to be counted among major influences on the world.

Is positive thinking enough for achieving your goals? You want an answer.

And the answer is NO.

Yes, I won’t lie. You cannot win wars based only on positive thinking. You would be defeated before showing up if your only weapon is your positive thinking.

But this defeat never happens. Because the power of positive thinking is synonymous with you becoming more aware of tools to succeed. It’s synonymous with Universe opening doors for your success. And, in the end, it synonymous with you being motivated enough to do the right thing.

Does positive thinking power fights on your behalf and win? No!

Does it empower you to fight your fights and remain on the ground until you win? Absolutely!

And that’s where the magic happens. By giving your resilience and commitment, the positive thinking power turns around your almost lost war to a great conquest.

Upgrade your approach to challenges with positive thinking power.

Positive Thinking is Not Just Old BullSh!t!

‘All that is great in writing’, you say. ‘But it never worked for me’.

Yes, that’s a common pitfall most people encounter while trying to incorporate positive thinking as the basic principle of their success.

You think positive and think and think and think. But you never get out of your rabbit hole.

Eventually, you see no progress and say goodbye to this endeavor. You never give it enough time to figure out that true positive thinking entails eliminating all negative thoughts.

You do try to think positive things. But in those times when you forget your commitment or are too tired to work on it, you indulge in the same negative thought pattern which was responsible for your emotional demise.

You can only master your life if you truly master your thinking. Small negative thoughts are bad apples that have enough power to rot your remaining thoughts.

Stay protected. And keep wearing the cape of positive thinking every waking second.

Upgrade your emotional state with it.

Positive Thinking Is a Muscle

Positive Thinking Is a Muscle - power of positive thinking

If you invest your mental energies in remaining positive day in and day out for a few weeks, you will find that it may get tiring.

Worry not! That’s just a transitional phase. You will soon learn to develop a habit of remaining positive in every moment if you practice it for a few months. The key to the development of this mental habit, like any other habit, is to remain persistent.

The more flexed your positive thinking mental muscle is, the more success-oriented you are. At the same time, this muscle will also fight negative thoughts on your behalf on autopilot.

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself for a few months and see the transformation.

Enough about upgrading your life through the power of positive thinking! Let’s start discussing it for your transcendence!

Let the Transcendence Begin!

So, you have now acquired positivity as your second nature! And you think it’s a perfect time to feel its impact on your physical body and environment!

Great! Now we have started talking.

Let’s start by looking at the process you can use to leave your current status in life and bring your magical world of imagination into reality.

Transcend to new heights using the tool of focus out of positive thinking toolkit.

Once you have shed all negative burden off your shoulders, you can move forward by keeping a confident approach towards your goals.

With a positive mindset, it is easier to envision the light at the end of the tunnel. This vision of light allows the seeker to remain committed to the pursuit. And the result is none other than a significant boost in productivity.

But that’s not all! With increased focus comes increased awareness of relevant opportunities.

Grab the Right Opportunities at Right Times

Grab the Right Opportunities at Right Times - Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking allows you to leave your pre-conditioning behind you and allows you to evaluate the upcoming opportunities with optimism and a hunger to grow.

So, when your fate presents you with new developments in your work or your life, you don’t get skeptical and think that it might turn out to be another mediocre progress as you used to have in your past life or worse, a failure.

You don’t lose on opportunities because of irrational fears or opinions of naysayers. Instead, you evaluate the opening with a grateful heart and a rational mind. The power of positive thinking allows you to carve your path amid darkness and impossibility.

You take and see its best offers. You take calculated risks and trust the flow.

Yes, you do prepare for the worst possible scenarios, but these scenarios are not your targets.

You know that there will an imbalanced mixed of achievements and losses in the future where achievements will only outnumber the failures.

Failures are Short-lived

Failures are Short-lived - Power of Positive Thinking

You remain open to receive and celebrate these achievements. And you are able to shake off your failures after learning from them.

The positive emotional state, which comes with positive thinking, prevents you from attaching feelings with your letdowns. In turn, you don’t repeat these failures over and over again in your life.

Your accomplishments compound and your failures give momentary bumps to your life journey.

The result is simple. Your balance of successes keeps growing.

And, eventually, you keep gaining confidence.

The Struggle is Joyful!

The Struggle is Joyful! - Power of Positive Thinking

It’s real. But it’s enjoyable!

One thing which only highly positive people will understand is the happiness that comes with belief in one’s goals. It seems as though you have already lived your future success.

The power of positive thinking allows you to experience your success in the same moments of struggle and hard work that lead to that success. In short, the difference between journey and destination is mingled for those people who maintain positive thoughts during the journey.

Just think of it! You are traveling to meet your loved ones. You are eagerly looking forward to the meetup and keep envisioning the upcoming moments of joy and warmth.

You are moving, driving, or flying. But at the same time, you are thinking and feeling. The journey and destination are mingled in your mind and body. The whole journey has become your goal.

The same happens when you are so positive about your success; you envision it will complete certainty.

You see it in daylight!

Productivity is Phenomenal

And this level of focus comes with the same, if not higher, level of productivity.

Do you know what is the primary murderer of productivity? If it’s not your fear of success (because for most, it’s not fear of success), it’s your fear of failure.

You don’t work hard, remain un-focused, or procrastinate because you don’t think that your goals are achievable soon. They appear to be too far off from you.

And soon, because of your procrastination and lack of commitment, they get out of your reachable limit and go into the magic zone- a zone where you can only reach through magic or in dreams.

So, how do you bring them back into your zone of reachable successes? You do it by believing in it. You do it by trusting your social circle, the Universe, your knowledge, and the hard work for manifesting your dreams.

The resulting focus allows you to clear your calendar and keep working on the most rewarding tasks.

It satisfies your need for instant gratification by bringing the vision of your goal in the foreseeable future. The mingled struggles and successes prevent you from indulging in unproductive tasks for instant gratification.

You rise above the short-term horizon of your goals and achievements and tap into the ultimate life purpose.

Perseverance becomes Your Attitude

In the end, positive thinking dissuades you from giving too much attention to short-term goals. You keep reminding yourself that all is well as long as you are moving in the right direction.

For you, stagnation or held-backs for small periods don’t define your destiny. It only highlights different phases of your journey where you are allowed to take rest and recharge.

In short, the true power of positive thinking lies in your unwavering belief in your goal. And this belief alone is enough to take you to the heights of your dreams.

Take Away

Positive thinking is the foundation of a healthy mental state. But if you are using it to only maintain your mental health, you are mission out on the real power of positive thinking.

You are missing the great strength that comes with it. And its impact on your beliefs and patterns, your behaviors and interactions, and your lifestyle and life purpose will never come into your field of influence.

If you really want to make it a part of your success, you need to understand that it’s not a tool to upgrade your lifestyle. No, it’s really not!

If you are serious with it, it is a tool to take you to heights- to get you to break through your current glass ceiling.

Are you ready!

Step out of your comfort zone filled with irrational fears and drama. And invite the positive vibes that come with transcending to your true virtue.

Want to say something more about the power of positive thinking? Leave your comment below.

Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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