11 Brilliant Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dreams

11 Brilliant Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dreams

How many dreams you have given up on till now?

Have you recovered from the pain of letting your dreams die? Or you are still suffering. Do you know that even after you have fully recovered from grieving for your died dreams, they have the ability to come back to haunt you on your death bed? Are you prepared for that encounter?

If you don’t feel strong enough to face your elder age with loads of dead-bodies on your shoulders, learn to stay focused on your dreams.

We have compiled a list of 11 Brilliant Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dreams. Here are 11 changes in lifestyle and mindset which will help you with this focus:

1. Journal

Yes! Journaling again.

If you want to pick only one thing to improve your life this year and you aren’t yet committed with journaling, get committed to it.

Journaling helps with enhancing focus in any part of our lives. If we journal about our relationships, it strengthens our bonds.

If our journaling goal relates to career growth, this technique will bring remarkable results for that too.

So, why don’t utilize this hack to create the life of your dreams?

Start with journaling the why behind your dreams. Ask yourself how you feel about these goals. Record these emotions in your journal.

Keep a record of the fluctuations you have in these emotions. You can counter any downward trend in these commitment-inducing emotions using the positive emotional connection you used to have with your goals.

2. Visualize

Journaling alone is a great hack to help you stay focused. Yet, you can increase the intensity of this focus and the boost in productivity it brings by including the practice of visualization.

The hack requires you to define a goal to a tee. Define its visual aspects, detail the conversation it will ensue, and feel the connected emotions.

Once defined, and once recorded in your journal for future reference, you need to commit to revisiting these settings once in a while. The best practice is to reconnect with the associated emotions every day. But people also reap great rewards by connecting once a week.

You can decide your best frequency through trial and error.

3. Work on Your Dreams

Work on Your Dreams - Stay Focused on Your Dreams

There can be a hundred methods to prompt you to start working moving towards your goals. But none of these methods will be as effective in helping you stay focused on your dream as feeling the joy of little accomplishments.

Work on your dreams single step at a time. Gain the sense of moving forward, of not letting go.

Working on your goal is the best way to bridge the gap between struggles and their results. It’s the only method to eradicate barriers between dreams and reality.

So, work on your goal with all your passions and commitments. This commitment will, in turn, bring more of itself.

4. Define Short-term Goals

Most people will argue that working towards goals is the worst possible advice that often produces opposite results. In fact, people claim that constantly working on goals that are not bringing desired results is their biggest deterrent from showing further commitment.

If you look at the abovementioned complaint, what do you say is the primary cause of this demotivation? Working towards the goal or not seeing a relationship between efforts and their results?

Yes, you got it right! The main culprit is not finding a clear relationship between goals and efforts.

And creating short-term goals is a surefire way to measure your progress. The only catch lies in setting realistic and achievable goals.

5. Instant Gratification

One crucial, but often overlooked, requirement of realistic goals is their tangibility.

Are your short-term goals tangible?

You can only answer this question after looking at your emotions. Do you feel regret or achievement after reconciling your goals? Can you measure your progress towards your goals in hours, currency units, or percentage?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you have defined tangible goals.

The purpose of short-term goals is to keep the pursuer committed. You get instant gratification by seeing if you have done a certain routine or have achieved a certain result.

6. Stay Focused on Your Dreams

Stay Focused on Your Dreams

Although visualization and journaling are great methods to keep you stay focused on your dreams, their effects may wear off across a day or because of a lack of commitment to these routines.

In those cases, your only savior is your commitment to keeping your eyes set on your goals.

Commit! Only you are in charge of your goals and your commitments to it.

Commit again! Don’t let the small stuff get on your nerves.

7. Say Your Yes’s

One way of committing to your goals is by knowing that these goals are your yes and being unapologetic about it.

Express your goals. Share them with others. Market them as though they are your only business.

Let people gossip about it. This way, your distractions will die down naturally. Let your yes fight fights for you. Let it erect the much-needed personal and social boundaries around you.

Take jokes and taunts about your goals from your circle as tokens of appreciation of your commitment.

Don’t be afraid of making it bold. Don’t be afraid of making it your mantra.

8. Protect Your Dreams

I know what you are thinking right now.

Have you gone nuts? Why do you think I should share my dreams with the world when all I can hear is criticism and doubt?

Don’t you there are more naysayers in this world than cheerleaders?

Let me break it to you, ‘ I do!’

Yes, I know how cruel people can be at times. I know the toxicity and limitations they often have to offer. And I also know that these words have power.

But there should be an antidote to this toxicity. There should be a way that allows you to express yourself without worrying about the toxicity you receive in response.

The good news is that there is a way with which you can shine your light without having to fight with the darkness that gets highlighted because of this light. And that way is to shine in a lit room.

Yes, surround yourself with positive and passionate people like you. Minimize your interaction with those people who pull you down.

Leave the place!

Put the interactions on hold!

And explore the world to find your tribe! You have your soul-mates hiding around the corner. Just believe and search for them.

9. Say Your No’s

While saying your yes will allow you to stay focused on your dreams, saying no will protect you from chasing unwanted distractions.

Whenever you are presented with time or money expense, ask yourself if this expense helps you with your yes aka dream. If the answer is yes, commit to this expense. Otherwise, be unapologetically assertive.

Saying no needs a particular assertive attitude which we can achieve by continued practice. In most cases, we find that initial efforts of developing assertive attitudes are most difficult to put forward. The reason is simple: the initial efforts are met by strong resistance from the environment especially friends and family.

The key here is to be persistent and focus on developing the attitude alone, instead of trying to improve all your life areas.

10. Love Yourself

We oftentimes forget that our dreams are our dreams because they are ours! The most crucial entity in our dreams is not the dream itself. Rather it’s us who is important.

We need to keep prioritizing ourselves again and again if we want to remain on track.

Self-care is the most crucial step in pursuing our dreams. And true self-care can only arise out of deep, non-staggering self-love.

Self-love is the best means of reaching your dreams. But we often forget that self-love is not the means but the end of achieving our goals.

11. Trust the Flow

Beware! Following ones’ dreams is not for faint of heart. In addition to being committed, you need to be persistent, resilient, and thick-skinned.

There will be hundreds and thousands of ups and downs. Sometimes, life will just squeeze all your dreams out of you. Other times, it will show you other distractions that will seem more realistic and attractive.

Life will give you a hundred reasons to give up on your dreams.

In such cases, all you have to do is to know that your commitment is bigger than all the distractions life is throwing your way. Trust the process and trust your gut.

Keep reminding yourself that the recipe for success is simple. All it needs is to focus in the right direction with a strong belief in the purpose.

Wrap Up

Here’s the quick recap of 11 Brilliant Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dreams:

  1. Journal
  2. Visualize
  3. Work on Your Dreams
  4. Define Short-term Goals
  5. Instant Gratification
  6. Stay Focused on Your Dreams
  7. Say Your Yes’s
  8. Protect Your Dreams
  9. Say Your No’s
  10. Love Yourself
  11. Trust the Flow

So, do you believe in your dreams? Have you committed to achieving it no matter what?

Do you, like other folks, sometimes feel the need to recharge your intentions so you stay focused on your dreams?

If so, this article is for you. These 11 techniques will help you in every motivational need that may arise in your quest for achieving your goals.

So, let me ask you again! Are you ready?

Want to say something about these 11 Brilliant Ways to Stay Focused on Your Dreams? Leave your comments below.

Written by Aruba Arif

Aruba Arif, Msc Psychology, is a freelance blogger who is passionate about understanding people, writing, and connecting with herself. When she is not writing she is playing Mommy to her beloved son.

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