About Us

AQwebs is the boot camp for success-enthusiasts. Run by serial entrepreneur, this site uses motivation and practical tips to help everyday heroes transform into leading visionaries. We do it effortlessly, gradually, but consistently. And our readers maintain the momentum without fail. There is one thing we don’t do, however. We don’t underestimate our transformation.

We believe in it and thrive with it. And, sometimes we get help from the established gurus taking a leaf, or more, out of their books. We believe that the essence of motivation strikes a perfect balance when we combine success models with the right amount of practical tips and manners. At AQwebs, you will find this blend just adequate to feed your transformation.

But hey! Isn’t transformation a rare event?!

Most people believe that transformational development is a rare event that occurs in the lives of only a few people.

I am included in those few. So, you, my dear readers, are. And then the guy living next door is.

At AQwebs, we believe that transformation happens, is achieved, and practiced in every life.

I, Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot am just one example of transformation. I achieve this transformation by controlling my mind to serve my life purpose of growth and service.

You, my reader, make another example. You choose to focus on development and evolution. And that focus makes the core of your transformation.

Living is synonymous with growing; so is transformation.

But who am I to spread this revolution of growth and focus?

I am Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot. Over the past decade, I have taken many risks, moved out of my comfort zone, changed my financial outlook, experimented with new mindsets, and longed to help my companions of this journey of self-growth.

In 2016, I took my first practical step of pursuing my life goal of helping others by finally starting AQwebs and committing to spreading positive vibes on this planet.

Let’s all work towards real transformations we are destined to make.

But how will this transformation work? How AQwebs will help you along the way of your transformation?

Good question! And the answer comprises of two parts only:

  • Inspiration and
  • Growth

The different components of inspiration at AQwebs include:

  • Net worth articles, these articles act as role models for you to know your passions;
  • Life stories, these stories of successful people allow you to rethink the values you hold true;
  • Quotes, so you know where how legends approached life and its gifts; and
  • Stories, from everyday people, animals, and things.

The second faucet of self-growth or self-improvement focuses on practical tips to change lives and include:

  • Psychological hacks, practical tips to help you remain productive, happy, and committed;
  • Communication skills, so you can get the right human resource to change the world in your style;
  • Emotional intelligence, insights into your and your peers’ emotions; and
  • Entrepreneurship, because why not!

In short, AQwebs is a one-stop source for setting your direction towards growth and prosperity.

Success can be achieved only by Hard working.

Thanks to my ALLAH for such a great success.