21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman

21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman

So you think you are an independent woman?

Do you uphold enough self-love and self-efficacy to remain committed to yourself? Do you think you are making progress in your life? And are you satisfied with your determination?

Let’s see the practical manifestation of all these criteria of independent woman syndrome. (Yeah! I know the correct word here is personality! Let’s just celebrate controversy around the phenomenon of an independent woman.)

21 Signs of Independent Woman

21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman

We’ve put together this awesome compilation of 21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman that’ll work on any of the people you meet in daily life.

Here are the 21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman:

Spiritual Independence

True independence grows out of an independent spirit. If you have freed yourself from damaging beliefs and patterns you are on the right path to becoming an independent woman.

Here are a few indicators of spiritual independence:

1. You Love Yourself

That’s the essence of the independence of any human being. You know that in any commitment and relationship of yours, you make the foundation.

You commit to building a great relationship with yourself before you commit to another. The same goes true for your work preferences and social interactions.

Even community service is your way of expressing self-love. You help others because your inner child extracts happiness from this service.

2. You Believe in Healthy Boundaries

The difference between aligning with oneness and being true to yourself is not difficult for you to grasp.

You can relate to other parts of the Universe without losing your individuality.

You feel emotions from other humans. Yet you maintain your hold on your emotions. You can return to your emotions, purpose, and meaning whenever you think it time to return.

3. You Know Your Life Purpose

You have invested time in thinking about your life with a long-term focus. You have inventoried your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and life situations.

You have analyzed your interests and passions. And all these conscious efforts have resulted in clarity towards your life purpose.

You don’t only know your life purpose; you are also committed to it.

Mental Independence

Independent women are mentally independent. They don’t rely on others’ opinions and emotions to live their lives. Here are a few signs of mental independence.

4. You are Honest to Yourself

You have invested your time in your feelings. And this investment had empowered you with enough intuition and insight to know your path.

You don’t confuse one feeling with another. Plus, you are wise enough to give due importance to every emotion.

5. You’re independent your self-esteem

Don’t get me wrong! Self-esteem is a positive attribute. But for independent people, it presents just an additional attribute. Independent people base their success on self-love rather than on self-esteem.

Why? It’s just because self-esteem is often a borrowed emotion that takes strength from external opinion and circumstantial performance of the person. On the other hand, self-love remains constant irrespective of difficult times.

6. You are Aware of Your Mind’s Game

Our minds are our most risk-averse friends which is a good thing. But this good attribute turns into a bad influence when we start taking our minds’ warnings way too seriously.

After all, we have to take risks to survive and grow in this world. Change, which is the lifeline of life itself, depends on taking and accepting risk.

Independent women are aware of their minds’ ability to influence their lives. So they choose to timely detect its patterns and maintain their control over its functions.

7. You Don’t Give a Shit to Your Mind’s Game

It doesn’t mean you pay zero attention to what your mind has to say. It’s just that you choose to believe only in its rational opinion.

8. You Consciously Commit to Positive Thoughts

One part of keeping your control over your thought process is to make a conscious decision to feed positive vibes only. And you, being an independent woman, know it.

Regularly, you remind yourself to choose positive thoughts for the next minute, hour, day, or week.

And then you stick to your choice.

9. Emotional Independence

Independent women know, and present a positive role model to the concept, that there is no independence without emotional independence. They feel and express this independence in the following qualities:

10. You Befriend with Your Emotions

Independent women ditch the notion that successful people are masters of their emotions. Instead, they believe that their emotions are their friends.

You understand that your emotions arise to help you in one way or another. The love, they have for you, means you respectfully listen to them and take actions that are emotionally and rationally healthy.

11. You Use Your Fears

Independent women have their own set of problems. The only difference between them and common folks is how they react to these problems.

They don’t carry the weight of their misfortunes with them; rather they use them as an impetus to fuel their progress. They use their fears to move towards their goals. In the end, they make their fear of not achieving their goals to overpower all other fears to propel their growth.

Physical Independence

Physical independence of empowered women has the following attributes:

12. You Enjoy Good Health

It’s not a requirement but a signature feature. Being an independent woman, you enjoy good health because of your commitment to your health.

In other words, good physical health is a by-product of your healthy lifestyle and your positive energy.

13. You invest in Your Health

You consider your physical health as the most crucial asset. You continuously take adequate decisions to maintain and improve this asset.

It means you allot a financial and time budget to invest in your health.

14. You Uphold a Confident Posture

Having invested in good physical and mental health has rewarded you with a feeling that your world is your oyster. You meet each day with the feeling that it’s a gift to you.

This confidence combines with vibrant health to give you a confident posture that attracts friends and well-wishers.

Here are some proven ways to boost your self-confidence

Social Independence

An independent woman would uphold the principles of social independence. These principles are summarized below:

15. You Are Not Independent

Yes, you are not!

You are more empowered!

You are interdependent!

You can accomplish whatever we want on your own. But you choose to empower and be empowered by your friends and partners. You expect their help and they cooperate.

You effortlessly gather human efforts to achieve your goals.

16. You express yourself and ask for help

Unlike the most propagated myth about independent women, they are expressive and vulnerable. They not only own their feelings but also are not afraid to express them in public.

In fact, they believe in non-judgmental acceptance of feelings.

In the same way, they accept their weaknesses and are not afraid of acknowledging them in public. Consequently, they are free to ask for help- and receive it – when needed.

17. You are reliable

Being independent not only means that you acknowledge and accept help from your social circle and your environment; it also means that you are ready to lend your services.

If you are an independent woman, you believe in community service and philanthropy. People know that they can rely on you in need.

You are available as much as you can be.

18. You are not afraid to walk away

Although you love to help people and other living beings on this earth, you know your limits. You are not afraid of regularly comparing your unlimited resources of empathy, love, and compassion with limited resources of your body, time, and finances.

You are not afraid of saying no to those goals and commitments which either don’t align with your life purpose or are demanding more effort than your resources.

At the same time, you can walk away if a person or event is emotional or mentally draining. You don’t feel obligated to making excuses to validate your decisions to walk away. In the end, you own your authority over your life decisions.

Practical Approach

In addition to gaining independence in all areas of their health, independent women commit to whole-heartedly work towards their life purpose. The two indicators that show the practical approach of these women are given below:

19. You Don’t Wait

If you are an independent woman, you are practical and hold strong and commendable work ethics.

You believe that success comes to those who are prepared. So, you remain prepared and keep doing without waiting for the perfect time to prove your commitment.

You don’t wait for better public opinion or wait for all the things to get in order.

You take initiative and aren’t afraid of being a trend-setter.

20. You are a Doer

Independent women are doers. They don’t wait for a knight in shining armor to rescue them nor do they depend on alpha males to fix the issues for them.

They are their own savior.

Are you one of them? Are you an action taker? Do you believe in changing the world to achieve your dreams?

If you respond with yes to all of these questions, chances are that you are an independent woman by nature.

21. You Believe in Your Goals

Independent women enjoy higher self-efficacy than other women. The roots of this don’t belong to the perceived ease of accomplishing goals. Rather they belong to optimistic approach these women hold.

Take Away

So here we mentioned 21 signs of independent women. Did you relate to the majority of them? If yes, then you surely are an independent woman.

Here’s a quick recap of 21 Tell-Tale Signs of Independent Woman:

Spiritual Independence

  1. You Love Yourself
  2. You Believe in Healthy Boundaries
  3. You Know Your Life Purpose

Mental Independence

  1. You are Honest to Yourself
  2. Yo’re independent your self-esteem
  3. You are Aware of Your Mind’s Game
  4. You Don’t Give a Shit to Your Mind’s Game
  5. You Consciously Commit to Positive Thoughts
  6. Emotional Independence
  7. You Befriend with Your Emotions
  8. You Use Your Fears

Physical Independence

  1. You Enjoy Good Health
  2. You invest in Your Health
  3. You Uphold a Confident Posture

Social Independence

  1. You Are Not Independent
  2. You express yourself and ask for help
  3. You are reliable
  4. You are not afraid to walk away

Practical Approach

  1. You Don’t Wait
  2. You are a Doer
  3. You Believe in Your Goals

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Written by Aruba Arif

Aruba Arif, Msc Psychology, is a freelance blogger who is passionate about understanding people, writing, and connecting with herself. When she is not writing she is playing Mommy to her beloved son.

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