Vic Mensa Net Worth

Vic Mensa Net Worth

How much is Vic Mensa net worth?

Net Worth:$3 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: June 6 1993
Source of wealth:Musician
Last Updated:2024


Though quite young, Vic Mensa has managed to make a name for himself as he isn’t just a rapper but also writes songs and works as a record producer.

His various talents have led to Vic Mensa net worth is approximately $3 million.

Early life

Vic Mensa, with his real name being Victor Kwesi Mensah, hails from a mixed ethnicity family with his mother being a white American, while his father is from Ghana.

He lived in Hyde Park in Chicago and like many people of his age, started spending time on the streets, skateboarding and using graffiti.

He did complete his high school education but at 15, he joined the band Kids These Days, and thus began his career.

Beginning of his Career

With Kids These Days, Vic Mensa says he learned a significant amount about rap and how to make music. Kids These Days also had Nico Segel as a member, and the band released an EP called Hard Times.

The later also released a mixtape which was called Traphouse Rock, but the band eventually broke up in 2013.

After this, Vic Mensa net worth slowly yet surely began to rise. He performed alongside musicians such as Damon Albarn, J. Cole, and Wale.

Around this time, he also released his first solo mixtape which was called Innanetape. Among others, the tape featured Chance the Rapper, a musician who also hails from Chicago.

Chance and Vic Mensa have made music together multiple times, and the two have even collaborated to form SaveMoney which is a collection of hip-hop singers, founded by Mensa only.

Mensa also went on to release his debut single titled Down on my Luck around this time, which was later released with a video.

Working with big names

Vic Mensa net worth got a real boost once Kanye West noticed him. He wrote and sang with West on the song Wolves, which also featured Sia. The song was part of Kanye’s seventh album and was the beginning of a close alliance between the two rappers.

They both again worked together on the song ‘U Mad’ and Mensa also wrote lyrics for West’s ‘All Day’. Such attention from Kanye made him more evident to several record labels, and he was then signed by Roc Nation, a company that Jay-Z founded.

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All these events have led to making him the successful rapper that he is today, though Vic Mensa’s age is just 25.

After this, Vic Mensa then released his EP called There’s A Lot Going On. Through Roc Nation, he released his debut album, The Autobiography. He has recently released another EP which is titled, Hooligans.

Vic Mensa has been nominated for several awards.

His opinions

As a prominent rapper, Mensa has repeatedly spoken up about racism, hate crimes and police brutality against blacks.

He has told the media that even he has been subjected to unfairness from the police, and his foundation works to fight against this.

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