Mike Love Net Worth

Mike Love net worth

Net Worth:$80 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: March 15, 1941
Source of wealth:Singer
Last Updated:2024


One of the founders of the Beach Boys, Mike Love was and still is a prominent singer and song-writer, and still tours with Bruce Johnston at the age of 77.

As of today, Mike Love net worth stands at $80 million.

Early life

Mike Love was born in Los Angeles and his father owned Love Sheet Metal Company, where Mike worked for some time but couldn’t continue as the company closed.

As a child, Mike was interested in music and would often perform at family gatherings. Furthermore, he was greatly influenced by his uncle, his mother’s brother Murray Wilson who was a music producer and later, became the first Beach Boys’ producer.

Other than his uncle’s influence, it is evident that his family played a great role in his future as a career as, the Beach Boys was founded by Love, his three cousins who were sons of Murray Wilson, and a friend Al Jardine.


Initially, the Beach Boys faced a significant amount of struggle and they were mostly practicing in a garage. Mike Love net worth, along with that of the other members increased when they started releasing famous songs such as Surfin and Fun, Fun, Fun.

Along with being one of the lead vocalists, Mike Love is also known for writing the lyrics for numerous songs released by the band, even though this wasn’t known at the time.

When the Beach Boys began singing, they focused on topics like surfing and romance, with their albums ‘Surfin Safari’, ‘Surfer Girl’, ‘Pet Sounds’ etc. all being based on the same theme.

Other band members acknowledged Mike Love as being one of the main contributors to their style of music and were even responsible partly for them exploring R&B.

Additionally, Mike Love’s life changed when he started following Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and he has incorporated their teachings in his life, practicing them to this day. Other musicians like Paul McCartney, have also been greatly influenced by the same teachings.

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After this event, Mike Love changed spiritually and so his lyrics reflected this as well. One of Mike Love’s songs, which contributed significantly towards the Beach Boys’ fame ‘Kokomo’, reached the number 1 spot on the charts and was even nominated for the Grammys.

Mike Love has also released a solo album called Looking Back with Love and has even released his own autobiography. These days, he tours with Bruce Johnston, and the duo has been given the rights to use the Beach Boys’ name. Also, his daughter Ambha Love has followed in his footsteps as a singer.

Net worth of Mike Love

As of now, Mike Love net worth is around $80 million making him one of the great signers in the world.

Mike Love Motivational Video

Legal Battles

For a band which was so successful, it was unfortunate that there were so many legal issues between the members.

Mike Love had to sue Brian Wilson to receive the rights for multiple songs as the writer of the lyrics and still claims that he hasn’t received the rights for many other songs. However, the original members of the band did get together for a reunion in 2012.


  • Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

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