151 Positive Things to Remind Myself to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

151 Positive Things to Remind Myself

In this rough and tough journey, we often feel hopeless, demotivated, and failed. This is why depression, stress, and suicidal attempts are increasing day by day. To cope up with this situation self-talk plays an essential role.

151 Positive Things to Remind Myself to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Here we have compiled a list of golden 151 Positive Things to Remind myself to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts:

  1. I can do it.
  2. I can conquer the world.
  3. This is my problem, it has a solution, and I will work on it.
  4. This day shall pass.
  5. I am a warrior and a survivor
  6. It’s time to inhale confidence and exhale all the negative energies.
  7. I will focus more on positive things.
  8. I am confident.
  9. I can deal with all the issues step by step.
  10. A new day a new challenge.
  11. I am brave.
  12. I am not perfect but imperfections are beautiful.
  13. My smile is the reason to smile for others.
  14. I am an improved version of myself every day.
  15. Avoid negative thoughts and focus more on positive things.
  16. I choose hope and contentment.
  17. I am grateful for all the blessings.
  18. I accept myself as who I am.
  19. I am possible.
  20. After this night a beautiful day will shine.
  21. I am a bright sun that lights every one.
  22. I will focus on my strengths as compare to my weaknesses.
  23. Let’s exercise and get rid of negative feelings.
  24. I love myself as to why I am.
  25. I am growing each day.
  26. I can control my anger.
  27. I am incredible.
  28. I choose to make my days great.
  29. I will be courageous and powerful.
  30. I believe God helps those who love themselves.
  31. I am blessed that I am loved.
  32. My smile is enough to light up the world.
  33. I am kind and I can show it to others.
  34. I believe in myself.
  35. I am the one who can bring a change in this big world.
  36. I am a slow learner but I am unstoppable.
  37. Life moves on and I must move forward.
  38. I am alive, I can turn the tables.
  39. I can convert my dreams into reality.
  40. I will work hard to achieve my goals.
  41. I know the roads are difficult but the destination will be beautiful.
  42. I will practice honesty and empowerment.
  43. I am able to achieve great things.
  44. There are many things in life and I choose to move forward.
  45. The happiest mind and body are everything.
  46. I can control my emotions and fear.
  47. Let it go.
  48. Life is beautiful.
  49. Obstacles do one thing, they make you stronger.
  50. Life is short, life and let others live.
  51. I will start me each day with a grateful heart and positive things.
  52. I am not afraid of problems.
  53. I will keep myself towards the sun so that I couldn’t see the shadow.
  54. No matter what the weather is, I will bring my own sunshine.
  55. Staying positive situation is an art, and I will practice this.
  56. I believe in my dreams.
  57. I am the reason someone feels loved.
  58. Focus on your strengths.
  59. I keep my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground.
  60. I will have positive results in the end.
  61. I am beautiful inside out.
  62. Positive things lead to a successful life.
  63. Staying positive makes a big difference.
  64. I will see the opportunities this year.
  65. Hardships taught me the best lessons in life.
  66. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  67. I like to look at the positive side of life, however, I know it is a complex matter.
  68. I will follow one thing at a time for a lie time succession.
  69. I am mature.
  70. I am honest.
  71. Optimism is power, while pessimism leads to weaknesses.
  72. A positive attitude leads me everywhere in my life.
  73. A positive vision is a necessary element for positive action.
  74. I believe that life is all about accepting challenges and savoring the journey is a victory.
  75. I don’t give my time to negative people.
  76. I love everyone but I have some limits.
  77. I don’t waste my energy on useless things.
  78. I don’t allow anyone to play with my feelings.
  79. Life is a great teacher and I am an obedient student.
  80. I realized that life is beautiful when I see good people.
  81. I have the ability to turn the negative into positive.
  82. My future is bright; I just have to take a step.
  83. Nothing is impossible for me.
  84. I can’t wait for the storm to pass, but I will learn to dance in the rain.
  85. I choose to learn from the mistakes and failures in life. As they came to make me a totally different person.
  86. I promise t my elf that I will never complain or give any excuses, but will work hard.
  87. I will remind myself of all the blessings I have.
  88. I am incredible.
  89. I carry the intention of love peace and harmony, no matter wherever I go.
  90. I will change the way of my life.
  91. I am capable to conquer the world.
  92. Life is beautiful.
  93. I choose to be busy, instead of being stressed out.
  94. I can fall down several times but can get up a million times.
  95. I strongly believe that every day is the best.
  96. I know that my positive attitude can really make my dreams come true.
  97. A negative mind and a positive life cannot go hand in hand.
  98. I can change my life, and no one will do it for me.
  99. I will not compare my life with someone else’s.
  100. Life is a beautiful journey, not a destination.
  101. I believe the time is very precious and I will enjoy every second of it.
  102. I will create my own sunshine.
  103. I am happy with what I have rather than what I want.
  104. I am like a strong still tree that protects its leaves and roots no matter how bad the weather is.
  105. I believe that action is better than reaction.
  106. I will stay calm and composed and things will get better.
  107. I choose to listen to the whisper of hope.
  108. My past has nothing to do with my future.
  109. I deserve the best life and I will strive hard for it.
  110. I released all the fear from my mind.
  111. My hard is giving me the sweetest fruit.
  112. Yesterday was good today is better and tomorrow will be the best.
  113. I will never give up on my goals.
  114. I will find the way or will make the one.
  115. You just have to take a step to start a new journey.
  116. I choose to work hard and succeed than to fail and regret.
  117. I can create opportunities.
  118. I am a dreamer, not a winner but I can be a dreamer as well as the winner.
  119. I will not take or give any excuse.
  120. I am a product of my decisions and not my circumstances.
  121. I believe how little your light is, let is shine.
  122. I trust myself.
  123. Try and see the positive things, to touch those flowers and let them bloom.
  124. I am not making a mistake. I am learning to live in this world.
  125. I have fire in my eyes, I will win the world.
  126. One day the world will accept my victory.
  127. I will do my best to change from moment to moment.
  128. I will redirect my negative energies and turn them into effective, unstoppable and positive determination.
  129. I can find my way through prayers.
  130. I can control my excitement and my fears.
  131. Every day is a new challenge
  132. I cannot allow anyone to spoil my peace of mind and happiness.
  133. I am a beautiful soul and can do best in life.
  134. The obstacles in my life are opportunities to grow.
  135. I will step out of my comfort zone to face the challenges of life.
  136. I have the talent and I can improve.
  137. I can make this day amazing and tomorrow great.
  138. Today I will be humble to myself.
  139. I will forget my mistakes and move on in life
  140. I know that the beautiful days are coming.
  141. Every day is a new beginning that brings new choices.
  142. I surround myself with productive, positive, and good people to prosper in life.
  143. I will look at the positive side of the problems that happen to me.
  144. I am ready for the greater challenges and I will overcome the problems.
  145. I do believe in positive things and the power of prayer.
  146. I will try to be a positive role model for the world.
  147. I believe in miracles, they do happen.
  148. I believe that everything that comes in my path has a purpose.
  149. I believe that if the good is sown, the good is collected.
  150. I choose love over hate.
  151. I am awesome.

Take away

These positive things can lift our mood and motivate us to move forward in life than to let the sorrow and sadness fill our hearts.

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Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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