Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross Net Worth

How much is Rick Ross net worth?

Net Worth:$35 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: January 28 1976
Source of wealth:Rapper
Last Updated:2024


Rick Ross, named William Leonard Roberts, is a singer and songwriter also known for his long-standing fight with 50 Cent.

As of 2022, Rick Ross net worth is around $35 million.

Early life

Rick Ross was born in Mississippi but was raised in Florida where he attended high school.

In high school, he was quite athletic and managed to secure a football scholarship from Albany State University.

He couldn’t make a name for himself in the music career immediately and worked other jobs to make money.

One of these jobs was as a correctional officer, something which he hid from the public for quite some time.

However, he couldn’t keep it a secret forever as pictures of him in a correctional officer’s uniform surfaced. He did try to keep it a secret and couldn’t, eventually being forced to admit it.

Beginning of music career

Initially, he signed with Suave House Records and though that helped him in his career, he wasn’t completely satisfied and later switched labels.

He released his debut single which was called Hustlin’ and the song became a huge hit to the point where it is still remembered today.

After the release of his first single and the success that followed, several record labels approached him for various deals but eventually, he signed with Def Jam Records, a label which is headed by Jay Z.

Slip-n-Slide Records, part of Def Jam, is what Rick Ross was signed on and he has worked with several artists who are also part of the same label.

Being signed by Jay Z’s label was a big deal for the young rapper and he admires Jay Z.

He released his debut studio album called Port of Miami, which became a huge success soon after its’ release. After the release of the album, other musicians started noticing him even more and he collaborated with DJ Khaled.

His second album, Trilla, was also quite famous and featured numerous artists such as Nelly and Trey Songz. Both these albums were part of the Billboard top 200.

His third album, Deeper than Rap features some lyrics which refer to his job as a correctional officer.

His fourth album, titled Teflon Don was released soon after and features artists such as Ne-yo and Kanye West. Again, this album proved to be quite successful.

His fifth album, God Forgives, I don’t, and it features artists such as Usher, Jay Z and Dr. Dre, again debuting in the Billboard top 200.

Other albums which the artist has released are Mastermind, Hood Billionaire and Rather You Than Me. All his albums have been moderately successful and have contributed in making his net worth $35 million today.

Furthermore, Rick Ross has released several mixtapes and extended plays such as Anastasia, all of which have been received favorably by his fans.

In 2010, Rick Ross was signed by Diddy to Cîroc Entertainment, a management company, which was a milestone in his career.

Rick Ross also has his own label called Maybach Music Group, which he has used to his advantage and has signed several young musicians.

One of these were Meek Mill, a musician who wanted to follow in Rick Ross’ s footsteps, becoming his protegee. Meek Mill and Rick Ross have collaborated on several songs and Mill has even come out in support of the rapper when needed.

Recently, he has signed a contract with Epic Records.

As a musician, Rick Ross has done quite well for himself and as of 2022, Rick Ross net worth is estimated to be around $35 million.


Rick Ross’s major fight is with the acclaimed 50 Cent and the two have never been able to solve their issues.

The problem started when Ross accused 50 Cent of looking at him disrespectfully, following that up by mentioning 50 Cent in one of his songs.

This has led to a feud which has lasted years and shows no signs of ending as the two continue to be at loggerheads no matter what.

50 Cent also released new music which dissed Rick Ross and has released videos that directly address Rick Ross, aimed at insulting him.

Ross has further released a diss track. Furthermore, the feud has involved people around them as well. The feud has simmered down in recent times, however, some things which Meek Mill has said against 50 Cent might cause problems between the two again.


Rick Ross has achieved much when it comes to his music career, but he has also proved to be someone with a tendency to violent and criminal behavior.

He has been arrested on several occasions for various offenses such as battery, vandalism, and kidnapping. Other offenses also include drug possession on more than one occasion and felony.

He has even done jail time and has been forced to pay fines on several occasions. Unfortunately, he doesn’t try and redeem himself by changing his ways.

At one time, he was arrested for having connections to gang members involved in illegal activities. Furthermore, Ross and his girlfriend were shot at on his birthday, showing that he has connections with dangerous people which led to an attempt being made on his life.

He has had to face lawsuits for using the name Rick Ross from the kingpin who has the same name and another lawsuit for the same reason by the rapper Teflon Don, as his fourth studio album uses his name without permission.

At one point, his lyrics seem to encourage date rape, owing to which Reebok and several other organizations decided to sever their ties with him. He has also mentioned how the president, Donald Trump deserves to die, again causing a major controversy.

As of 2022, Rick Ross net worth is approximately around $35 million.

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