Nelly Net Worth

Nelly Net Worth

How much is Nelly net worth?

Net Worth:$60 million
Star sign:Scorpio
Country of Origin:Austin, Texas
Date of birth: November 2, 1974
Source of wealthRapper, songwriter. entrepreneur, investor
Height:1.73 m
Weight:83 kg
Last Updated:2024


According to recent reports, Nelly net worth is $60 million. Though he has made a lot from his rap career, do you know that he has also branched his self as an entrepreneur and he has started his clothing line named as Vokal and the other clothing line is titled as Apple Bottoms!

It is in 2000 year that he started off with his solo career and he launched his debut album which was Country Grammar. Its title track managed to go on the top ten hit list. This album also reached to the 3rd ranking at the Billboard 200 chart.

This album Country Grammar, came out to be his best-selling album so far! It sold over and about 8.4 million copies so far in the U.S. Nelly is often called as the biggest star of the new millennium.

Early Life

Nelly father used to serve in the Air Force and he was only 7 years old that his parents had their divorce and separation. He moved along with his mother from St. Louis and got shifted to University city.

He was still studying in his high school that he formed and created a hip hop group and that hip hop group gained a lot of popularity because of their single titled as “Gimme What Ya Got”.


It is according to RIAA that Nelly has been ranked as the fourth-best one selling rap artist so far in the American music world history because he has sold 21 million albums. It was on December 11, 2009, that Billboard ranked and spotted him as the number three Top and Best Artist of the Decade.

It was during September 14, 2004, that Nelly managed to release two of his albums, they were Sweat and Suit. Note that Suit album was an R&B-oriented kind of album, and it debuted right at the number one spot on the Billboard albums chart.

On the other hand, Sweat album, it was a rap-oriented sort of album and it managed to make a debut at number two spot.

As of now, Nelly net worth is estimated to be around $60 million making him one of the famous rapper..

Film Debut

Nelly film debut came in the year of 2001, he appeared in an independent film named as Snipes, in that film he played as a famous rapper character Prolifik.

It was revealed by him on June 2008 during an interview which he gave to Kiwibox that he is much reluctant to officially continue and be with his acting career.


Nelly launched a limited-edition sneaker which was called as “Air Derrty”. He launched an energy drink with the name Pimp Juice and that energy drink sold about one million cans right during the first two months of its launch and introduction in the year 2003.

It was in the time of September 2010 that he released and launched a fitness DVD which was entitled as Celebrity Sweat. In the year 2011, he found and created the Ex’treme Institute By Nelly, this is a music production school.

Philanthropy and Social Contribution

Nelly is the founder of a non-profit organization named as 4Sho4Kids Foundation. Note that his Us 4 Jackie campaign started in the time of March 2003 by him as well as by his sister Jackie Donahue right after Donahue had been diagnosed with the health issue leukemia

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