Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump Net Worth

How much is Donald Trump net worth?

Net worth:$3.1 billion
Star sign:Gemini
Country of Origin:New York City
Date of birth: June 14, 1946
Source of wealthPolitician
Height:1.9 m
Weight:239 lbs
Last Updated:2024


He was born on 14th June 1946 and he is right now the President of the United States of America, he is the 45th President of the region of the U.S.

He is in the office of President since the time of 20th Jan 2017. Do you know that before entering the world of politics, he used to be a businessman and also a television personality by profession, it is true!

Donald Trump net worth is around $3.1 billion.

Early Life

Donald Trump birthplace is the New York City and he was also raised in this city. He got and received his economics degree right from the Wharton School. This school is part of the University of Pennsylvania. His ancestor got originated and came from the German village.

His all grandparents and too his mother, they were born in the region of Europe. His paternal grandfather had its immigration to the United States in the year of 1885 when he was only 16 years old. And then he became the citizen of the U.S during the time of 1892.

Donald Trump grandfather managed to amass a fortune kind of boom-town restaurants and a large number of boarding houses right in the Seattle area. Trump father named their real estate business as “E. Trump & Son” which was founded in 1923.


Trump net worth will, later on, be legally distributed among his sons and daughters. He has five children all by his three marriages, he also nine grandchildren.

Note that his two of the marriages, they managed to reach on the ending note eventually and they came out as one of the widely publicized and widely coverage divorces. It was in 1977 that he married a Czech model and together they had three children.

This couple had their divorce in 1992 because of the affair he had with an actress named as Marla Maples. It then happened in October 1993 that Maples and Trump daughter Tiffany born. This couple tied a knot in December 1993 and had their parted ways in 1999. Their daughter Tiffany had raised by her mother Marla when they moved to California.

Then in 2005, Donald Trump got married for a third time with Melania Knauss, she is a Slovenian model and in the year 2006, she became a United States citizen by giving birth to Trump son. She is also now the First Lady of U.S.


It is in the year of 1971 that Donald Trump took the complete charge of this real estate business which officially belonged to his family. He renamed this real estate business and gave it the name of The Trump Organization.

Here Donald Trump net worth got a kicking increase. He expanded this family business into Manhattan. This family business of him constructed and build a large number of hotels and gold courses as well as several numbers of skyscrapers.

This Trump real estate business managed to build so many hotels and casinos. He was into many side ventures too apart from handling his family side-line business. Donald Trump licensed his own name for other real estate lines and too for other consumer product lines.

He co-authored a number of books, some of the famous are The Art of the Deal. He owned these beauty pageants from the time of 1996 till 2015 years and these beauty pageants were linked to Miss Universe competition and Miss USA competition.

He was a host and the producer of a game show named as The Apprentice and that game show remained on-air from 2003 year till the 2015 year. This ranking and stats are officially released by Forbes that he is the 766th richest person in the world and these figures are from Forbes March 2018 stats.

As of 2022, Donald Trump Net Worth is estimated to be around 3.1 billion dollars making him one of the richest presidents in the world.

2016 Presidential Election

His net worth is currently at the spot of 3.1 billion dollars. He managed to get entry into this presidential race during the 2016 year from the Republican party and he successfully defeated total 16 opponents.

It is according to the commentators that his political position and status has been described as a nationalist, populist and also a protectionist. His presidential campaign received a lot of extended and extreme media coverage.

Most of the public statements made by him during that campaign were either controversial or they were false! When he got elected as the President of U.S, then it came out as a surprise victory for the world.

He was in competition with Hillary Clinton who belonged to the Democratic party. Donald Trump is the oldest as well as the extreme wealthiest person who has taken the charge of Presidential post. He is the first-ever President who was not linked to government service or military service beforehand!


Donald Trump has never and ever drink alcohol. This decision was taken by him all because by watching his older one brother Fred Jr. suffering health. His older brother suffered because of alcoholism and because of this, he died at an early age in 1981.

He has told this thing many times that he has never and ever smoked cigarettes, he has never consumed drugs and marijuana.

It was in December 2015 that the personal physician of Trump revealed a superlative-laden kind of letter linked to the health condition of Trump and in that letter, he explained and showed extraordinary and excellent physical strength conditions and stamina of him.

All his blood pressure and liver condition and thyroid functions, they were in their normal range.

Brand Value of Trump

Donald Trump started his career with just a small amount of loan given to him by his father. It was in 1989 that he appeared and came on the Forbes World Billionaire List for the first time. But after some time, he got dropped from the list from the time of 1990 to 1995 because of the business losses he had to face!

The net worth of Donald Trump is a proof that he is the 766th richest and wealthiest person in the world and he is the 248th richest man in the U.S. These are 2018 year billionaires ranking which is given by Forbes.

Manhattan Developments and The Trump Organization

Donald Trump net worth gave birth to Manhattan Development and The Trump Organization. In the year 1978, he launched and gradually started his Manhattan real estate business. He purchased a 50% stake right in the Commodore Hotel.

This purchase got funded all by a 70 million dollar construction loan and do you know that it was jointly and unanimously guaranteed by Fred Trump as well as by the Hyatt hotel chain. The Trump Organization, they have operated and officially created a large number of golf courses and too resorts right in the United States and moreover around the world.

We have Trump-branded buildings too in Dubai, Istanbul and also in Manila, Mumbai, Indonesia. Donald Trump has marketed and advertised his name on multiple numbers of building and construction projects which are owned, managed and operated by other companies and set of people.

He has licensed his own name for many commercial products and commercial services. By doing all of this, he has achieved and got a mixed amount of success all for himself and for his partners and most of all for his investors.

Films and Social Media

Donald Trump has made few of the cameo appearances in so far 12 films, he appeared in almost 14 television series. He has always gained wide attention of people by remain present on social media sites like on Twitter.

He loved to communicate heavily and extensively on Twitter and this happened during this 2016 election campaign. He has continued to use this social media channel even during his time of presidency.

Financial disclosures

Many of the people asked for Donald Trump’s net worth financial disclosures. As he was on the position of a presidential candidate, that is why he disclosed all of the details and data of his companies and assets, all the details of his revenue sources which were required right by the FEC.

According to the 2015 report, his listed and mentioned assets reached above $1.4 billion and his outstanding debts reached $265 million. No doubt that Trump’s victory, it was marked and massively considered as a shocking political upset by a large number of observers. Its support range had always been underestimated throughout his whole campaign by many of the observers and they also blamed errors and mistakes in polls.

Donald Trump Motivational Video


Donald Trump net worth and his popularity have made him the current President of U.S and in these presidential elections, he won almost 30 states. More ventures and financial figures made by Trump will be shared over here.

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