Pakistan Is Becoming Tourisms Next Big Thing

Pakistan Is Becoming Tourisms Next Big Thing

Pakistan is a South Asian country having its unique identity in the subcontinent. It is a diverse country of beautiful scenery, traditions, exceptionally beautiful valleys, world’s biggest mountains, diverse culture and ethnicity, historical civilizations, tourist’s spots and much. This country is blessed to have the best geographical and strategic location.

Now let’s dive in to see why Pakistan is becoming tourism’s next big thing?

Pakistan is the beautiful land of beautiful people. The country is attracting thousands of tourists because of its heavenly places, rich culture, and great hospitality. You can plan your vacations to spend in Pakistan this year to clear your mind from stress and anxiety.

Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes

Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes - Pakistan tourism

The country is famous for its mountain, valleys, rivers, forests, and glaciers. Most of the illiterate people around the world even know how much this country is blessed to have everything.

Pakistan is also the best country to visit if you love trekking, climbing or rafting. One of the highest peaks K2 is found among the beautiful mountains of Pakistan. Most of the hikers and travelers visit this beauty and many of them also conquered the peak of K2. Besides this Swat, Chitral, Naran, Kaghan, Murree, and many other cities are extremely glorious and glamorous.

The hospitable people

The hospitable people - Pakistan tourism

People of Pakistan are famous for their friendly and hospitable nature. The strangers from all over the world feel so glad and comfortable when they use to visit Pakistan. From the lively streets of Lahore to the highest peaks and towns of Hunza and Chitral, you will have lots of free chai’s and lots of free dinners offered in Pakistan. Many people who come to Pakistan never forget their wonderful experience with wonderful people.

Diverse Pakistani culture

If you want to experience a fascinating multitude of unique traditions and cultures under one umbrella, come to visit this exceptionally diverse Pakistan. There are four provinces of Pakistan and they all follow their own culture, dialect, and traditions.

If you travel across the whole country, you will observe the beautifully diverse people and culture. The way they look, they dress, they speak and even their cooking style varies but all of them are wonderful.

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Pakistan’s desi traditional food

This is one of the main reasons for increasing tourism in Pakistan. Pakistani people love spicy and fiery foods and they use all types of herbs to make it more delicious too. In Pakistan, the recipes are passed on from one generation to another generation to make it the special perfect dish.

There is such perfection in there all dishes that it’s simply a pleasure to eat every morsel. Mithais and sweet-dishes topped with nuts, saffron and silver paper are famous all over the world. The fruits and vegetables of Pakistan have a juicy and yummy taste.

People from all over the world when traveling to Pakistan to have their mangoes as there is a wide range of mangoes grown in the country’s rich soil.

Glorious mosques

Pakistan is the land of Saints and Sufis and there are beautifully designed Mazars. There are marvelous mosques too which are made by illustrious artists and skilled architects of the time. These mosques still attract tourist from all over the world.

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Shah Jahan mosque in Sindh which is made of marble, Gol masjid in Karachi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazaar in Karachi and Mazaar of Data Ganj Baksh are spectacular and eye-catching.

The flawless calligraphy, the exquisite artwork, and minarets are live architectural marvels. Tourists from all over the world just come here to experience the beauty of these mosques and Mazars.

Colorful Pakistani trucks and architectures

Colorful Pakistani trucks and architectures

The mesmerizing art and beautifully sculpted trucks of Pakistan are famous around the world. People love this fusion of bright colors that pops up and enlighten the dull moods and unhappy faces. The colorful art and especially the trucks and rickshaws with humorous poetry become a prevalent representation of Pakistani culture.

The huge trucks carrying goods from one place to another catch the attention of the people traveling on the busy streets of local markets and transverse the streets and roads of the country. The amazing combination of bright colors, symbols, famous poetry, beautifully engraved birds and flowers on trucks, buses, and rickshaws thrive the unique and colorful culture of Pakistan.

Efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan is now becoming tourisms next big thing. The above-mentioned reasons are more than enough to attract the hikers, writers, nature lovers, food lovers, and the people who want colors and appreciate the hospitality. Recognizing the worth of this gorgeous land of humble and modest people, Prime Minister Imran Khan is making efforts and took several steps to boost up the tourism in Pakistan. This is also one of the reasons for increasing tourism in Pakistan.

Recently Prime Minister Imran khan launched Pakistan’s online visa regime for almost 190 countries including the 55 countries with visa on arrival facility. The old visa system was one of the big hurdles in the growing tourism in Pakistan.

Five countries are also provided with e-visa facility namely China, Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Tourists from these countries can apply for a Pakistani visa for $8 fee.

Recently the number of tourists increased up to a remarkable level. The statistics of official tourism have proven a considerable increase in tourism.


In 2015, about 563,000 overseas got a Pakistani visa. The figure then grew up to 965,000 in 2016. In 2018 1.9 million was the estimated growth which proves that Pakistan is becoming tourisms next big thing.

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