5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Murree In 2020

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Murree In 2020

Murree is known as the queen of mountains in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world. The beautiful country is the gateway to the most beautiful region of northern Pakistan.

Murree is spread over an area of about 300,000 acres and it is part of the beautiful Margalla Hills. The entertaining holiday spot is gaining much attention because of its beautiful scenery, snowfall in winters, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, sparkling water of rivers and coolness of lakes.

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Murree witnesses cool and comfortable weather in summers or you can say pleasant weather throughout the year. The winters are beautiful here, with lots of snow and a chilled environment.

The city is famous for being the most loved and visited tourist destination in Pakistan. in order to make the visit to Murree a more interesting and memorable one, we have compiled 5 best reasons to visit this gorgeous place in 2020.

Amusement parks

Murree is the first place where the amusement park has been built to capture the tourists around which is also known as the largest amusement park in the country. Besides this for fun and adventure Sozo Water Park is offering various adventurous rides and water activities to tourists.

Natural and astonishing views

A great number of pine trees and green big thick forest over the large area of the Margalla Hills are the eye-catching scenes of the beautiful region. These trees are the reason to add greenery to the attractive and enthralling hill station. Besides this, being closes to the Azad Kashmir and Punjab the travelers and tourists can easily get a glimpse of the mesmerizing view of the mountains of Azad Kashmir.

Perfect place for buying cultural goods and antique products

Artifacts and traditional goods are everyone’s favorite and Murree is the home to these colorful pieces. The best market place to buy these local handmade products is mall road. This road is brimmed with the tourists who want to collect the souvenirs to keep them as the beautiful memories of the beautiful hill station. A cup of hot coffee amidst the view and strolling down the long stretched road is the place that you can cherish forever.

Cable cars and chair lifts

Pindi Point and Patriata which are also known as new Murree are the reason why one should visit Murree this year. The region offers the best high chair lifts and cable cars to give a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and pine trees. These points are known as the pioneer of cable cars and chair lifts in Pakistan. Tourists get amazed by the bird- eye view through these cars and lifts. The government is trying its best to make it standard to meet the international ones.

Activities like hiking and trekking can be enjoyed

Trekking and hiking are considered the most enjoyable activities in Murree. People from all over the country want to visit here just because of the facilities provided.

Some of the treks for trekking include:

  • Ayubia Changla Gali
  • Ayubia Dungagli
  • Ayubia Khanaspur
  • Dungagali Mushkpuri
  • Nathiagali Miranjani Top
  • Temoor Khushhal Khan

Take away

Murree is serving as a focal hub to its visitors, tourists and travelers come from around the globe. The regions are offering sun-kissed day trips and colder nights with fun-filled bonfires. It is even a commercialized place with all the facilities for providing food items and five-star hotels. These are the best reasons that prove that one must visit Murree in 2020.

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