Trevor Noah Net Worth

Trevor Noah Net Worth

How much is Trevor Noah worth?

Net Worth:$13 million
Country of Origin:South Africa
Date of birth: February 20 1984
Source of wealth:Comedian/Television Show Host
Last Updated:2024


Trevor Noah is a comedian known for his different styles of humor and is known to include several sensitive issues in his jokes such as racism. Though his jokes can be controversial sometimes, he still has a broad fan base, in America and internationally.

Today, Trevor Noah net worth is estimated to be at $13 million.

Early life

Unfortunately for Trevor Noah, his family life was extremely troubled owing to several reasons.

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to parents who were from different ethnicities. Trevor Noah’s father was German, while his mother was a native South African.

During the apartheid, what the government classified as blacks and whites couldn’t engage in sexual activities, a crime which Trevor Noah’s mother was found guilty of.

Owing to this she was jailed for a year and later raised Noah with the help of her mother. A further cause of pain for mother and son was her marriage, where her husband proved to be extremely abusive and even shot her.

After the shooting incident, Trevor shifted to America.

Career in South Africa

Though he tried his hand at acting, Trevor Noah net worth has been mainly contributed to by his career as a comedian.

He performed with several comedians, both South African and foreign descent, already gaining a fan following in South Africa at the beginning of his career.

He appeared on several shows in South Africa, with some of them being Run the Adventure and The Amazing Date. He also appeared as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

Furthermore, he has hosted several awards shows in South Africa and did so later in America as well.

Trevor Noah’s standup comedy shows have toured in South Africa and some of the more successful ones are The Daywalker, That’s My Culture and That’s Racist.

Trevor Noah Motivational Video

Career in America

Soon after settling in America, his comedic prowess gained acclaim when he appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman.

He produced to major comedy specials, titled Trevor Noah: That’s Racist and Trevor Noah: African American.

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He appeared on several shows and he gained popularity quite fast in America.

However, his latest contribution to television, The Daily Show on Comedy Central is the biggest reason for his success.

As of now, Trevor Noah net worth is estimated to be around $13 million.

Trevor Noah replaced the famous comedian Jon Stewart, and some have even found him to be funnier. Though the Daily Show is quite popular, Noah has been called out several times for making racist jokes.

The most recent one of these was made when he said that Africa won the World Cup, insinuating that the French football team was more African than French owing to the majority of the players being of African descent. However, he has explanations for his jokes and has the full support of Comedy Central.

Trevor Noah is also the author of Born A Crime.


  • Writers’ Guild of America
  • Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award
  • MTV Move and TV Award
  • Primetime Emmy Award

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