Richard Dawkins Net Worth

Richard Dawkins net worth

How much is Richard Dawkins net worth?

Net Worth:$10 million
Country of Origin:Great Britain
Date of birth: March 26 1941
Source of wealth:Ethologist/Biologist/Author
Last Updated:2024


Most people have heard of Darwin and his theory of natural selection. While Charles Darwin was the first one to put forward this theory of evolution, many ethnologists have come after him, further explaining and refining Darwin’s theory.

One such individual is Richard Dawkins, who has added a significant amount of detail to the original theory of evolution, and through his work, today Richard Dawkins net worth stands at $10 million.

Early life

Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya where his father was working at the time. His interest in animals and how they live began at that time only, laying the basis for all the work he was to do in the future.

On coming back to England, he joined the Catholic church as a child, but would later go on to renounce religion completely.

Even at a young age, he wasn’t particularly keen on what religion taught and when in his teens he understood the theory of evolution, felt that was a better explanation to how we came to be.

As a teacher

Richard Dawkins studied zoology at the University of Oxford, where he was able to gain valuable insight through his teacher Nikolaas Tinbergen.

After graduating, Dawkins began to teach at the University of Berkeley but later moved to the University of Oxford where he received specific recognition and spent most of his career at Oxford only.

However, he has given lectures pertaining to his beliefs all over the world, spreading new ideas related to the theory of evolution.

Richard Dawkins Motivational Video

Richard Dawkins’ books

The true contributor to Richard Dawkins net worth are the books that he has penned, all of which are related to his theory of evolution.

Dawkins basically believes that natural selection occurs at the gene level, different from previous theories which state that natural selection occurs on a level above the gene, such as the animal itself or even in groups.

The first and second book which Dawkins released called The Selfish Gene and The Extended Phenotype, respectively, both talk about the above-mentioned theory in greater detail.

However, Richard Dawkins’ the God delusion, has been his most popular book to date.

The book, as is evident by the name, states that a higher power doesn’t exist, and the theory of evolution is enough to explain the intricacies of life. As Dawkins is agnostic himself, his views on religion aren’t surprising.

As atheism becomes more widely accepted these days, Dawkins’s book was also well-received and contributed significantly towards the increase richard dawkins net worth.

Through his books and lectures, many Richard Dawkins’ quotes have become well-known mainly amongst those with similar beliefs.

Richard Dawkins’ Foundation

He established his foundation for Reason and Science which mainly focuses on funding research on evolutionary biology and related fields.


  • ZSL Silver Medal
  • Michael Faraday Prize
  • Lewis Thomas Prize
  • Nierenberg Prize

It is evident that he has received much acclaim through his work

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