Tim Duncan Net Worth

Tim Duncan Net Worth

How much is Tim Duncan worth?

Net Worth:$130 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: April 25 1976
Source of wealth:Basketball Player
Last Updated:2024


Tim Duncan is a former basketball player, spending his entire career at San Antonio Spurs and many believe that he is one of the best players of his generation.

As of 2022, Tim Duncan net worth is approximately around $130 million.

Early life

Tim Duncan was born in Saint Croix which is part of the United States Virgin Islands.

From childhood, he was quiet and unobtrusive, despite his size and never got too agitated or aggressive.

His sister, Tricia Duncan has participated in the Olympics as a swimmer and it seems as if a passion for swimming runs in the family as Tim wanted to follow in his sister’s footsteps.

He was practicing to be a professional swimmer when the swimming pool in the area was destroyed because of a hurricane, crushing his dreams.

Soon after, his mother succumbed to breast cancer and as a way to deal with his feelings, he started playing basketball.

Interestingly, he started playing in ninth grade but still managed to be the best player on his team. He completed his high school education from Saint Croix Country Day School.

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College Career

The proof of his early success as a basketball player isn’t just Tim Duncan’s stats but also how the coach of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons reached out to him and offered him a scholarship at Wake Forest University.

Seeing how skilled he was as a basketball player he was, the Wake Forest coach wasn’t the only one who approached him but, in the end, Duncan decided to enroll at Wake Forest University where, along with playing basketball, he also studied psychology.

At Wake Forest University, he became an invaluable asset to the basketball team almost immediately and in his sophomore year, he was encouraged to go pro.

However, his mother had made all her children promise to get a degree before entering their professional life and wanting to honor his mother’s wish, he chose to remain at university, losing out on a considerable amount.

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As of 2022, Time Duncan net worth is estimated to be around $130 million making him one of the best American basketball players.

Professional Career

In 1997, he joined the San Antonio Spurs and became essential to the team almost immediately.

Along with David Robinson, Tim Duncan helped the team become unstoppable and the duo was called the Twin Towers.

Throughout his professional career, he has been applauded and criticized for his serious and detached attitude but that has worked for him as it hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the best basketball players ever.

With the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan’s rings came to be five in total, acting as proof of his expertise.

He also went on to lead the San Antonio Spurs once their captain left and has even played in the Summer Olympics.

As of 2022, Time Duncan net worth is around $130 million

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