Sodapoppin Net Worth

Sodapoppin Net Worth

How much is Sodapoppin net worth?

Net Worth:$1 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: February 15 1994
Source of wealth:Internet Personality
Last Updated:2024


In recent years, the art of gaming has developed into a proper career with gamers making a substantial amount of money through this avenue and Sodapoppin is one such gamer.

He has worked steadily over the fans, gaining fame and fortune for his gaming and comedic talent.

As of 2022, Sodapoppin net worth is around $1 million.

Early life

The internet personality’s real name is Chance Morris and he was born in Texas, where he completed his high school education.

The reason for his fun-loving nature could be the environment he grew up in as he has 7 other siblings. However, several of his siblings were adopted proving that his parents were kind people.

After graduating from high school, he did attend the University of Texas, but he felt that he was in the wrong place and eventually dropped out to pursue gaming.

Beginning of his career

There are numerous gamers out there who are posting videos of themselves but all of them don’t become as famous as Sodapoppin has become.

He started off with a YouTube channel, like other gamers and his first video was called Sodapoppin’ playing Amnesia 2.

However, Sodapoppin and World of Warcraft have a long-standing relationship and he can easily attribute his success partly to the game, as he became famous playing WoW.

Soon after his success, he started playing video games on a gaming platform like Twitch which was called Xfire and gained much acclaim.

Sodapoppin Motivational Video

Moving on to better things

These days, most professional and well-renowned gamers stream through Twitch, an online platform built specifically for streaming.

Twitch has strict policies and several online personalities have been banned from the platform but Sodapoppin isn’t one of them.

As of 2022, Sodapoppin net worth is estimated to be around $1 million and his statistics are proof of his success.

When he started streaming on Twitch, he was mainly playing World of Warcraft as already mentioned. His videos proved to be so interesting that around half of WoW followers on Twitch were streaming his videos.

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He also soon became one of the most popular gamers on Twitch and his popularity just keeps on increasing as Sodapoppin’s Instagram has around 30, 000 followers at this point.

Sodapoppin’s social media accounts are also a major source of attention for him. His social media posts are mostly funny thus ensuring that his fans always keep coming back for more.

He founded Northern Gaming, an eSports company which was later bought by several big names such as Shaquille O’ Neal and Alex Rodriguez through their own gaming company called NRG eSports. However, Sodapoppin’ soon joined NRG eSports as well.

The gamer is someone who many youngsters look up to, hoping that they can also make a living doing something as enjoyable.

As of now, Sodapoppin net worth is approx $1 million

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