Robert Kraft net worth

Robert Kraft Net Worth

How much is Robert Kraft worth?

Net Worth:$6.6 Billion
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: June 5 1941
Source of wealth:Businessman
Last Updated:2024


Robert Kraft is a man who has worked diligently over the course of his lifetime, to become the head of a major group of businesses which is called the Kraft Group, specializing in a range of products and services.

Through his business ventures, Robert Kraft net worth is approximately $6.6 billion.

Early life

Robert Kraft was born in Massachusetts, to a Jewish family. His family was extremely conservative, and he attended Hebrew lessons and Sabbath after school as well.

His family wanted him to become a rabbi but when he got a scholarship from the University of Columbia, it became evident that that wasn’t going to happen.

He was a fan of sports from a young age but when he was attending high school, he didn’t have time to participate in such activities. He did get a chance to do so at University, and his love of sports later translated in him becoming the owner of a major NFL team.

While at University, he met Myra Hiatt, who would become Robert Kraft’s wife soon after. Their marriage lasted until her demise in 2010.

The start of his career

He began to work with his father-in-law at the Rand-Whitney Group, which he acquired and started operating as his own soon after joining the business.

Seeing how he was such as an astute businessman, it isn’t surprising that Kraft decided to begin his own venture with International Forest Products, a packaging company.

As the company grew, Kraft began providing packaging services to other huge companies and the returns that he got through these dealings led him to make investments in other avenues.

Soon, his business expanded and didn’t just consist of packaging services, but many other aspects as well, owing to which the formed the Kraft group. Today, he is still the Chairman of the Kraft group which is more successful than ever before.

As of today, Robert Kraft net worth is estimated to be around $6.6 billion.

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Love of sports

As already mentioned, Kraft had a strong love for sports and even played football during his University years. His dream to be the owner of a major NFL team began from a young age, one which he was willing to do anything to turn into reality.

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Initially, he invested in the Boston Lobsters, in the World Team Tennis league but this venture didn’t last long.

He began to pursue the New England Patriots as soon as he noticed that their owners were heading towards bankruptcy. The road to becoming the owner of the team was long and arduous, but eventually, he proved to be the victor.

Robert Kraft net worth also allowed him to build the Gillete Stadium for the Patriots, who have flourished since he became their owner.

Today, he also owns the New England Soccer and has shown interest in purchasing Liverpool, an English Premier League team.

Furthermore, he has donated huge amounts to charity and though Robert Kraft’s age is 77, he is living a full life dating actress Ricki Lander.

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