Ricegum Net Worth

RiceGum Net Worth

How much is RiceGum net worth?

Net Worth:$1.75 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: November 19 1996
Source of wealth:Gamer/Entertainer
Last Updated:2024


RiceGum, his birth name being Bryan Le, is a gamer, musician and entertainer, mainly functioning through YouTube, but he also has a large following on other social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

Though he is pretty young, he has already amassed millions of fans and followers. As of today, RiceGum net worth is around $1.75 million.

Early life and Family

Bryan Le was born in Las Vegas, hailing from an Asian family though he has grown up in America only. He started playing video games from a young age only, and though his mother wanted him to follow a different career path, he was more passionate about gaming.

He lives in Nevada with his family, something which most individuals his age doesn’t do, but he prefers it like this claiming it is much cheaper than living alone.

He also doesn’t include his family in his videos, but he does mention them frequently, even comparing his upbringing to the upbringing of other YouTube sensations which receives criticism.

Furthermore, RiceGum also mentions his financial woes in his videos, however, he probably uses his earlier life, when he wasn’t as famous as inspiration as now.

The beginning of his career

RiceGum is mainly known for his YouTube videos and started posting videos on his channel at a young age. On the channel, he would post videos of him playing video games including Call of Duty and people enjoyed his commentary.

Though he already gained a following through these videos, he truly rose to fame when he released a video called These Kids Must Be Stopped.

The video basically featured him talking about how inappropriately child YouTube stars including Jacob Sartorius. He felt they were behaving in a manner which didn’t befit children and blamed this on their upbringing. Though many enjoyed watching these videos, many didn’t appreciate it all.

On seeing the success of such a video, he further went on to release many other videos targeting other child stars. When he made fun of Alabama Parker, her father had the video removed from YouTube.

He even releases videos making fun of other celebrities and other YouTube personalities who are his competition. He releases videos on other topics as well, all of which are meant to be entertaining and have contributed to his net worth.

Net worth of RiceGum

As of today, RiceGum net worth is estimated at around $1.75 million making him one of the best gamers, musicians, and entertainers.

RiceGum’s songs

RiceGum has also sung several songs, with his preferred style of music being rap.

The songs he releases are mostly diss tracks, which attempt to make fun of other personalities, with his most famous one being ‘Its’ Every Night Sis”.

When Jake Paul and Alissa Violet, both of them being fellow YouTubers, RiceGum released Its’ Every Night Sis in response to a diss track which was released by Jake Paul which was called ‘Its Everyday Bro”. This song was certified platinum and entered the Billboard charts.

He released another song titled Church, another diss track about Jake Paul.

RiceGum has released yet another diss track called Frick da Police in response to Ian Carter’s Asian Jake Paul. Ian Carter is also a YouTuber and he released a video where he made fun of RiceGum, which led to him actually losing fans.

Recently, KSI released a song called Earthquake which features RiceGum as well.

RiceGum Motivational Video

His controversies

Unfortunately, YouTube personalities are known to be controversial figures as their videos can often miss the mark and offend many people. The same thing happened with RiceGum.

He visited Hong Kong and as many people are known to mock some Asian countries for eating dog and cat meat, RiceGum decided this was a good topic for his latest video. He actually asked people there if they ate dog meat and behaved inappropriately by many people in the streets.

The video also implies that Asians don’t know how to speak English. Many people felt insulted and he did apologize, saying he was Asian himself and all of the things he said were just for entertainment.

He also said that the reason for his video was to make fun of the American stereotypes regarding Asians. Maybe his motives were as he stated, however, they weren’t appreciated by many, specifically the Asian community.

Furthermore, even after he apologized many people didn’t think it was genuine and he faced repeated criticism because of this.

RiceGum and Gabbi Hanna were also recently embroiled in a controversy where Gabbi released a video saying that she was subjected to violent behavior by RiceGum where he also destroyed her phone. She wanted compensation for the phone.

RiceGum acknowledged this event but said he just destroyed her phone, which was also ill-received by fans.

At times, RiceGum has also been criticized for copying other Youtubers, which he hasn’t appreciated at all, as is natural. Twitch has also banned the entertainer, as he showed a gun while streaming. This is unfortunate for him as many YouTubers also use Twitch as a platform.

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RiceGum’s Daughter

RiceGum is one of those celebrities who wants to keep his personal life totally private and people are unsure if he has a girlfriend or not, as he hasn’t been seen with anyone ever.

He also keeps his siblings and parents away from the limelight, as he doesn’t want them to be influenced by what he does.

However, RiceGum started posting videos which featured a little Asian girl who he calls his daughter. This is surprising considering how he hasn’t ever been linked with any woman, so no one knows if she is actually his daughter or not.

Though Rice Gum has had an extremely short career, and there are many things that he has in store for us, he was named as one of the top 25 Emerging Artists on Billboard, proving his talent and popularity.

As of now, RiceGum net worth is around $1.75 million.

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