Rex Tillerson Net Worth

Rex Tillerson Net Worth

How much is Rex Tillerson net worth?

Net Worth:$365 million
Born:March 23, 1952
Country of Origin:America
Source of wealth:Engineer, Politician
Last Updated:2024


Rex Tillerson, most known for his stint as The Secretary of State of the United States of America, has had a long and illustrious career as a civil engineer.

Through his career as an engineer and politician, Rex Tillerson net worth has reached $365 million.

Early life

Rex Tillerson was born in Wichita, Texas but grew up in several cities, completing his high school education in Huntsville and attended the University of Texas for his college education.

From a young age, Tillerson worked with the Boy Scouts and later, became the national president of the Boy Scouts. His father had held an executive position at the Boy Scouts, a possible reason for Tillerson’s close relationship with the organization.


Being a natural resources company dealing in oil and natural resources, it isn’t surprising that by working there, his net worth has increased to such an extent that it stands above $300 million today.

His entire career has been with Exxon only, halted when he was chosen to be the Secretary of State with Trump’s administration.

As the Exxon Corporation deals in oil, they have dealt with countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, and even Russia. Owing to this, while Tillerson has been successful as the Chairman of the company, he also had difficult decisions to make, some of which were severely criticized.

On one occasion, when Tillerson decided to strike a deal with the Kurds in Iraq, even Barack Obama criticized the company’s actions.

However, the real storm came when ExxonMobil interacted with Russia’s leading oil company called Rosneft. Through his relations with the company, Tillerson even came in close contact with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

With the sensitive relationship between America and Russia, it is obvious that some feathers would be ruffled when the deal between the two oil companies was finalized.

Furthermore, to make matters worse ExxonMobil was even charged a fine for interacting with Russia at a time when the U.S had placed sanctions on them. While these events were unfolding, Tillerson was leading ExxonMobil, which brought him into the limelight.

As of now, Rex Tillerson net worth is estimated to be around $365 million.

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Secretary of State

When Rex Tillerson was nominated to be the Secretary of State by Trump, many people were surprised.

This was mainly because Tillerson had never taken a direct part in politics or held any similar positions, and because there were many others who seemed to be better qualified to fill the position.

Well, it seems that Trump regretted his decision because he later dismissed him, in around a year.

During his tenure, the ideas that Tillerson had didn’t really have the effect he was aiming for. Additionally, his relationship with Trump was strained and they often gave conflicting statements, ultimately leading to him being forced to leave the position.

Rex Tillerson’s home, situated in Washington D.C was bought before he was fired and Rex Tillerson’s wife is Renda St. Clair.

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Today, he no longer holds the position of Secretary of State but his net worth is still impressive.

As of now, Rex Tillerson net worth is around $365 million.

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