151 Most Positive Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations for Women

Before starting positive affirmations for women, women should know how these affirmations would help them.

The best thing about affirmations is that they shift focus from undesired things in life to the desired ones. We shift this focus while acknowledging that this shift would not delete those difficulties from your life. Instead, these thoughts and beliefs from affirmations would only give us the strength to achieve the outcomes we wanted all along.

151 Most Positive Affirmations for Women

Here, we have categorized these affirmations into eight categories that happen to be dearest to the hearts of most women.


  1. I have a thriving relationship with God/ the Universe.
  2. God/ Source loves me.
  3. God/ Source has my back.
  4. I am allowed to make mistakes and bounce back and am still loved.
  5. I am a light to the world and deserve to be loved just for being me.
  6. I am open to receive love from God/ Source/ Universe and this love is coming my way from all channels and routes.


  1. I am intelligent and resourceful.
  2. My mind keeps growing and creating space for new skills, knowledge, experiences, and joy.
  3. My mind helps me in easily navigating my daily life with minimal stress, distraction, and worries.
  4. My mind maintains the focus on positive attributes of life, shows me the positive side of the image, and keeps me aligned with the growth in the right direction.
  5. My mind alarms me about looming risks promptly; so, I experience minimal damage and stay safe.
  6. My mind keeps me focused on my life purpose so my progress is streamlined and distraction-free.
  7. I have an emotionally strong mind who upholds my emotions without jeopardizing the rationality of my decisions.
  8. My mind creates and maintains a healthy balance between my emotions and my growth in the material world.
  9. I can rely on my mind to set healthy boundaries for all the thoughts, emotions, and opinions coming from the external world. Thus, I focus on incoming truths while discarding the false signals.
  10. I safely rely on my brain to remain independent and in control of coordinating with my emotions, hormones, and moods.
  11. My mind helps my body in fighting off stored negative emotions and incoming threats so it remains healthy and disease-free.
  12. I rely on my mind to safeguard its health and the health of my body through adequate regulation of all organs.
  13. I rely on my mind to kill bias and intolerance as soon as it invades my personal territory.
  14. My mind uses its immunity to get rid of negative lessons it deduces from harsh circumstances as promptly and efficiently as is possible.
  15. I easily forgive myself for my mistakes and shortcomings while thriving to improve my whole personality.
  16. I don’t hold grudges against myself and others.
  17. I enjoy healthy self-esteem.
  18. I enjoy healthy self-love.
  19. I am grateful for the continuous growth I am bringing in my life.
  20. I embrace my emotions. I nourish, caress, and respect them.


  1. I feel safe and secure in my body.
  2. I am grateful for the health my body enjoys.
  3. I remain loyal to my body and don’t harm it through any of my actions and behaviors.
  4. I love my body the way it is.
  5. I accept, respect, and love my body for, however, it looks.
  6. I enjoy my feminine energy.
  7. I enjoy and celebrate my body, the way it supports me in my duties, and the way it presents me in the world.
  8. Every cell, tissue, organ in my body helps me live my highest purpose. And I love every single molecule in my body for its support and love.
  9. I take care of and appreciate every single cell in my body.
  10. I am ageing gracefully and I accept this process.
  11. Graceful ageing is enhancing my beauty and appearance in the world.
  12. Age is just a number. I am young at my heart.
  13. I see myself for my young spirits behind my wrinkles and fine lines.
  14. I enjoy showing up in my body with my full energy with confidence in my body and image.
  15. I am grateful for the confident posture I uphold.
  16. I celebrate every cell of my body, every minute of my life, and every interaction with the human being I am.
  17. I love to take care of my body.
  18. I enjoy spending time in nourishing my body.
  19. Age is only supporting me because of the wisdom I am gaining with every passing minute.
  20. Every passing day increases the contentment and gratitude I feel towards life, my body, and my approach towards both.
  21. I am beautiful inside out.
  22. I live every day. I am alive.
  23. I see myself for who I am. And I love what I see in myself. And I don’t worry about what others see in me.


  1. I enjoy every loving moment I spend with my family. And I treasure it.
  2. I am grateful for the time I am able to spend with my family.
  3. I have a loving and strong bond with my family.
  4. I am blessed with a loving family.
  5. I love spending time with my family.
  6. We navigate through life together dealing with stressors collectively.
  7. My family has my back in my tough times.
  8. My family supports me whenever I need them.
  9. My partner is my strength and catalyst for growth.
  10. My partner is my moral support.
  11. I am a good mommy for my kids.
  12. My kids love me for my efforts for them.
  13. My kids are happy and healthy.
  14. My kids are intelligent and educated.
  15. My kids have a growth mentality. They love to experiment and grow.
  16. My family isn’t trapped by momentary distractions.
  17. My family is emotionally healthy to thrive to serve the community while preserving their own interests.
  18. I am appreciated for my intentions and efforts.
  19. My kids love me unconditionally.
  20. My family loves me unconditionally.
  21. I am more than my best capabilities, efforts, and inputs into my family. They love me for who I am.
  22. I am loved even in the darkest moments of my life.
  23. I extend support and love whenever my family needs it.
  24. My family enjoys spending time with me.
  25. I have enough time to invest in my family.
  26. My family is growing towards success and fulfillment.
  27. My family considers family as a priority. I prioritize their interests and prioritize mine.
  28. My family is supportive and emotionally strong.

Social Interactions

  1. I am loved and respected in every interaction I experience with other humans and myself.
  2. My self-esteem comes from within and is not borrowed from the people with whom I interact.
  3. I encounter happy interactions with people.
  4. I love my uniqueness and light.
  5. I love my feminine inputs into my relations
  6. I am adaptable to change while preserving my unique gifts and nature.
  7. People love me for who I am.
  8. I can create the life I desire.
  9. People gravitate towards me for my positive vibes, self-confidence, and charisma.
  10. People become more generous and kind when they meet me or deal with me.
  11. I am independent of people’s opinions about me.
  12. I can filter out every negative opinion from external sources without attaching my emotions to it.
  13. I can stay strong and resilient with or without support from other people.
  14. I don’t need others’ approval to feel worthy.
  15. I spread happiness wherever I go.
  16. I keep my energy high regardless of the company I am in.
  17. My social circle is full of supportive people.
  18. I quickly befriend with strangers.
  19. I believe in giving.


  1. I am equally valued as my male counterparts.
  2. I am grateful to be valued for my services and talents.
  3. I put my best foot forward at my work.
  4. I am productive, intelligent, and successful.
  5. I enjoy my work so much that the people around me start enjoying theirs.
  6. I am sharply focused on my work routine.
  7. I feel no difficulty in focusing on the task in hand.
  8. I enjoy fulfilling work relationships at my office.
  9. I get appraised for my efforts and get raises and promotions.
  10. I easily climb up the corporate ladder. / my business grows effortlessly.
  11. I am well-equipped to do my tasks at work.
  12. Clients come easily to me.
  13. I know exactly where and how to market my product and service.
  14. I have positioned myself/ my service in the best possible light.
  15. I easily attract admirers of my services and talents.
  16. I have priced my services just rightly and have no problem attracting the right clients.
  17. I am fierce and dedicated to my passion.


  1. I have enough money to support myself.
  2. I am financially independent.
  3. I can easily create money in my life.
  4. Money is attracted to me.
  5. I am wise in handling money.
  6. My mind is a rich tree filled with ideas to create money.
  7. I easily convert my ideas into actual money for myself.
  8. My money ideas spark growth and progress for the whole economy.
  9. I have a healthy relationship with money.
  10. I don’t need money to show off my success.
  11. I use my money for positive purposes.
  12. I magically attract money whenever I need it.
  13. I never fall short of money and abundance.


  1. I easily balance all areas of my life.
  2. I am moving towards balance in my health and life.
  3. Every day, I get closer to the perfect balance among my chakras.
  4. I am healed and strong. I have no trauma to watch out for.
  5. I am resilient and abundant. I rely on my own mental strength and help from God/ Soul to navigate through hardships.
  6. I invest in my growth and development.
  7. I invest in my health and wellness.
  8. I invest in my family’s health and wellness.
  9. I support others and get supported by them.
  10. I give and my gifts come back to me multiplied.
  11. I enjoy life in all flavors and colors.
  12. I enjoy a healthy mix of passive and active income streams.
  13. My material, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met.
  14. I am abundant and moving, free of heaviness and guilt.
  15. I am me! And I don’t feel the need to present myself as anyone else.
  16. I accept myself for who I am!


  1. I am grateful for feeling joy in sharing.
  2. I am grateful for feeling sympathy and empathy for others.
  3. I am grateful to have enough resources that I can share without worrying.
  4. I celebrate my services to my community.
  5. My family supports me in my love for humanity.
  6. I am spreading love in the world.
  7. I am one of the many sources of light which are keeping the world lit and alive.
  8. I believe in giving forward what God/ Source has given me.
  9. I believe in living!

A Quick Warning

Before you move towards using positive affirmations for women, know that these affirmations would only work if you believe in them. If you question your statements every time you say them aloud, they will have a negative impact.

In case, anyone, or more, of these affirmations are not true for you, create those statements which are closer to the truth yet positive. This way, your subconscious mind will not contradict your dialogues every time you say them.

Feel these positive affirmations for women. Feel the lighter emotions (love, joy, gratitude) they bring. And let them go.

Another tip you should follow is to change the mindset. So, be mindful of every thought that comes to your mind and is the opposite of these affirmations. Whenever such thoughts cross your mind repeat the affirmation aloud.

Wrap Up

These 151 positive affirmations for women have the power to change your viewpoint towards your life and its gifts. Use them effectively and wherever applicable.

If you think one affirmation is not matching your reality, feel free to change it by replacing the words ‘I am…’ by ‘I am moving towards being…’.

Which of these 151 positive affirmations for women inspired you most? Share in the comments!151 Most Positive Affirmations for Women

Written by Aruba Arif

Aruba Arif, Msc Psychology, is a freelance blogger who is passionate about understanding people, writing, and connecting with herself. When she is not writing she is playing Mommy to her beloved son.

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