Nawaz Sharif Net Worth

nawaz sharif net worth

How much is Nawaz Sharif worth?

Net Worth:$2 billion
Country of Origin:Pakistan
Date of birth: December 25 1949
Source of wealth:Politician/Businessman
Last Updated:2024


A man who every Pakistani knows of, Nawaz Sharif has served as Prime Minister of the country thrice and has held several other positions in government over the course of his political career.

As of 2022, Nawaz Sharif net worth is approximately around $11 million.

Early life

Nawaz Sharif was born in Lahore to parents who had migrated to Pakistan at the time of the Partition of the sub-continent.

He lived in Lahore his whole life and his ancestral home, Raiwind Palace is in the outskirts of Lahore.

Nawaz Sharif’s education was completed in Lahore, where he obtained a Law Degree from the Punjab University in Lahore.

His father was a businessman, with control over the Ittefaq and Sharif business groups and ultimately, Nawaz followed in his father’s footsteps.

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Rise to Power

Nawaz Sharif was managing his steel mills and other business pursuits with ease when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced nationalism in Pakistan.

Owing to this, Sharif lost his beloved steel mills and began a campaign to undermine Bhutto, a pursuit in which he proved to be successful eventually.

Though he entered politics as the finance minister, he soon became the Chief Minister of Punjab and had General Zia-ul-Haq’s approval who was the Military General of Pakistan at the time.

Sharif remained in Zia’s favor till his death and introduced several beneficial projects in Punjab.

Nawaz sharif net worth is estimated to be around $11 million, and this can be attributed specially to his steel mills, which General Zia gave back to him after Bhutto’s rule as PM.

Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister

Nawaz Sharif entered office as the Prime Minister for the first time in 1990 till 1993.

During his term, he completely abolished Bhutto’s nationalist policies and introduced privatization of most organizations. His aim in doing so was bettering the economic condition of the country.

While he beautified and bettered Punjab and Kashmir in every way possible, he largely neglected the other three provinces and the other two parties in opposition PPP and MQM criticized this bitterly.

His second term as Prime Minister began in 1997, where he replaced Benazir Bhutto’s government.

Though he did try and introduce some long-term projects for economic growth, most of them were criticized for being corrupt.

Furthermore, he made wrong decisions repeatedly with the two major ones being the invasion of Afghanistan and the feud with General Pervez Musharraf.

After the Kargil conflict between Pakistan and India, the military and Sharif’s government couldn’t see eye to eye. Eventually, Musharraf led a coup against the PM, later exiling him from Pakistan.

Though most thought this was the end for the once great politician, they were wrong, and he came back to Pakistan in 2008.

He won the elections again in 2013 but couldn’t complete his term owing to the Panama Case scandal.

As of 2022, Nawaz Sharif net worth is estimated to be $11 million. Unfortunately, a large portion of this amount has been collected through illegal means with Nawaz Sharif having stashed a significant amount in offshore accounts.

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Not only that but Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam, and her husband are part of this scandal and the trio has been punished accordingly.

Nawaz Sharif and his family have spoken against their punishment and had to deal with Nawaz Sharif’s wife’s death during this time as well. However, Sharif is in prison and can no longer hold any position in the government of Pakistan again, to the dismay of his followers.

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