Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

How much is Michael Bloomberg net worth?

Net Worth:$50.8 billion
Star sign:Aquarius
Country of Origin:Boston
Date of birth: February 14, 1942
Source of wealthBusinessman, author, engineer
Height:1.73 m
Weight:142 pounds
Last Updated:2024


Michael Bloomberg is the 11th richest man in the world. As of 2022, Michael Bloomberg net worth is $50.8 billion. He is the most successful American businessman, by profession he is an engineer and an author. He is also a politician and a philanthropist.

By the time of 1st Jan 2022, his net worth reached to the figure and amount of 50.8 billion dollars. Michael Bloomberg is the 7th richest person so far in the U.S and he is too the 11th richest person in the whole world.

Early Life

Michael Bloomberg date of birth is February 14, 1942, and his birthplace is Boston. His father is William Henry Bloomberg who was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts. His father used to work as an accountant for some dairy company and his father was the son of Alexander Bloomberg.

Bloomberg mother name is Charlotte (Rubens) Bloomberg and she was a native of this Jersey city. He got his education from John Hopkins University and he completed his graduation in the year of 1964 by getting a degree of bachelor of science in the subject of electrical engineering.

Then in the year 1966, he got his master of business administration degree from Harvard Business school.


Michael Bloomberg net worth details start from the establishment of Bloomberg L.P! He is the founder and CEO, he is the owner of mass media and software company named as Bloomberg L.P. It is the global financial service company.

He actually started his career from the securities brokerage firm which is Salomon Brothers and then later on he started and formed his very own company in the year of 1981. In his company, he almost spends 21 years on the post of Chairman and acting as CEO of that company.

He was one of the board of trustees at John Hopkins University from the time of 1996 to 2002.

As of 2022, Michael Bloomberg net worth is estimated to be around $50.8 billion. He is the most successful American businessman.

Mayor of the New York City

Michael Bloomberg remained the Mayor of the New York City and he was the 108th Mayor at that time! He holds this office and remained on this post of Mayor for 3 consecutive terms.

It was in 2001 year that he won the elections for the first time, then in the year 2005, he won this term for the second time. Then he holds this position for the third time in the year 2009 and at that time.

He contests as an independent candidate. Do you know that Michael Bloomberg had been frequently and often been considered as one of the possible candidates for the post of U.S President during the election times of 2008 as well as in 2012, it is true!

His name was considered to be the Governor of the New York City in 2010 elections but he declined and rejected both of these offers and he continued to work by being as the Mayor of the New York City.

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It was in March 2009 that this official reporting was made by Forbes that Michael Bloomberg net worth had reached the marking point of $16 billion. It also mentioned that a gain and increase of $4.5 billion had been done right in the previous year and this gain was counted as the world’s biggest increase in the section of anyone’s wealth in the year 2009.

In just two years time frame, he moved from the spot of 142nd and reached to the spot of 17th when it comes to the list of world’s billionaires. Then in September 2013, another reporting was done by Forbes that Bloomberg’s wealth has reached to $33 billion amount and he is now ranked as the 13th richest person so far in the world. During March 2012.

He was the 20th marked richest man in the world, 11th marked richest man in U.S because his net worth was $22 billion. Then in September 2015, Michael Bloomberg earnings and net worth reached to the final figures of $43.3 billion and he came on the ranking of 6th richest person right in his country United States.

Social Issues Supported by Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg supports the fact of abortion rights, he has stated many times that reproductive choice is one of the fundamental and basic human rights. He has always imposed a strict amount of drug laws in his New York City.

He made an increase in the mandatory sentence for possessing an illegal loaded handgun. He stated these points always in front of the public that these loaded guns do not belong to us and on our streets.

He has sent this message constantly on louder and clear terms. Michael Bloomberg opposed the concept of death penalty and he is of the view that it is better to lock a person and put him into the task of hard labor rather than giving him a death penalty.


It was during Michael Bloomberg span of second term right as the mayor of New York City, he came up with PlaNYC, it was titled as A Greener, Greater New York. This plan was about fighting with global warming and to protect and save the environment.

He prepared a plan that a projected amount of 1 million additional number of people will be living right in the city by the time and year of 2030. Under this plan and scheme of PlaNYC, the New York City tried to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the amount of 19%.

This plan has a target 30% reduction will be targeted according to their PlaNYC 2030 goal. As the subpart of PlaNYC, he started the Million Trees NYC project and initiative.

According to this initiative, one million trees will be planted throughout the New York City in the next one ten years. By the time of November 2015, this city managed to plant one millionth tree.

Michael Bloomberg Motivational Quotes


Michael Bloomberg details and interesting highlights about his future plans will be shared sooner.

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