Bill Gates Net Worth

bill gates net worth

How much is Bill Gates net worth?

Net worth:98 Billion USD
Age:63 years
Full Name:William Henry Gates II
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: 28 October 1955
Source of wealthMicrosoft
Last Updated:2024


Bill gates is the second richest person in the world. William Henry Gates is an American billionaire businessman. Commonly known as Bill Gates, He started his billionaire career from Microsoft the most user-friendly software. The co-founder of that company was Paul Allen.

Gates was on top for a long time in the world’s billionaire’s list but somehow Jeff Bezos managed to get 1st rank in the list. Still Bill Gates net worth is 90.3 billion USD that makes him the 2nd richest person in the world.

Early life:

Gates was born to William H Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. Washington USA is known as his place of birth and 28 October 1955 is known as his date of birth.

Bill’s family environment was very progressive. There was always an appreciation and presents for the winner and losers has to face punishments. That was the thing that made the Gates too ambitious and hardworking.

Intelligent and enthusiastic Gates was only 13 years old and used to be in 8th standers when the first time he got a chance to get indulge with computers.

Gate build his interest in programming and converted GE system into BASIC. Somehow he managed to excuse his math’s class and used to spend that time with commuters.

He got banned from CCC (Computer Center Corporation) for the whole season of summer. The reason behind this act was Gates and his three friends got caught when the bugs were exploited by them into the computer. They thought in this way they will get more time to spend with computer.

Gate’s was appointed to find those bugs from the software of CCC so that he can spend time with a computer in exchange. This was the beginning when little Gates started learning the coding system. How new that sky will be the limit of this journey.

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According to different sources, Bill Gates net worth is estimated to be around 98 billion USD that makes him the 2nd richest person in the world.


Gates and Paul had a dream that one day will come when not a single house will remain without a computer. At that time this idea was next to impossible. Today we can witness that their dream has come true and technology has reached every corner of the world. Computers are now one of the most essential part of every individual’s life.

The hard work and passion of Bill made Microsoft one of the most popular and revenue-generating companies in the world. Currently, he is a member of the board and technology advisor but still, he is involved with Microsoft equally.

Bill is a generous person, nowadays he spends his quality time with his beloved wife Melinda in a foundation. That has been created by him. One thing is common in both places is that Bill gathers smart and intelligent people and solves hard and huge issues.

Highlights of Bill gates Career

Let’s explore some highlights of Gates career which leads bill gates net worth to 98 billion and made him one of the richest and successful person in the world.

  • In 1967 he used a computer for the first time after he got enrolled in Lakeside school.
  • In 1968 the programming was begun by him and Paul Allen in the computer center.
  • Gates started his study at Harvard University in 1973.
  • 1975 was a year in which the successful journey began and Microsoft was established.
  • In 2002 Bill Gates and his wife Melinda made a foundation with their names.
  • In the year 2006, Terra Power was established with the help of Gates. The vision behind this establishment was Bill wanted to provide more environment-friendly, cheap and safe Nuclear energy to the world.
  • In 2003 5.5 billion was spent from bill gates net worth in order to remove dangerous disabling disease polio from this planet by 2018.

Lot to learn from wise quotes of intelligent Gate

There are many motivating and lovely quotes said by Gates. We would love to high light a moral lesson from some of them. In one of his he quote he tried to explain that smart people always think to win, they never lose because you actually lose when you stop thinking.

The more unhappy customers the more you learn. This happens because they will surely point out your mistakes and the means in which you are lacking. This thing will lead you to long-lasting success as Bill Gates.

Everyone celebrates success by keeping an eye on failures is also very important because every failure drags you near to success.

One of the great thoughts and quotes by Gates explains the true motive behind every success. And that is the more you empower others the soon you will be the leader. He also stated that life is not fair every time. You have to be used to and must make a best out of it

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Success lessons from the life of Bill Gates

Here are a few success lessons from the life of one of the most successful person of the world.

Risks drag you to the success

Bill was brave enough to make decisions and take risks. According to his point of view, it was necessary to take risks. In order to get successful.

Failures should be owned but don’t stick

Failures are stairs of success but when you don’t stop and stuck on them. It was believed by Gates.

Be proud of yourself

In order to get successful be proud and confident in yourself. Never compare yourself with anyone. Every person is unique in his own way and everyone is blessed with some qualities.

Bill Gates Motivational Video


Bill Gates is ranked as the second richest person of the world. The first rank has been taken by Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates net worth is 98 billion USD (according to Forbes magazine ranking of 2018). Let’s see when he will cross 100 Billion and again got the top position in the list.

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