Metro Boomin Net Worth

Metro Boomin Net Worth

How much is Metro Boomin worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth: September 16, 1993
Age (26 Years)
Residence:St. Louis, Missouri, U.S
Occupation:DJ, Songwriter, Record Producer & Record Executive


Leland Tyler Wayne, professionally known as Metro Boomin, (often called young metro or simple metro) is a famous American record producer, songwriter, record executive, songwriter, and DJ. He is mainly known for his successful recordings with the famous Atlanta Hip Hop and trap artists including Future, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, and Migos.

He is titled as one of the most in-demand hitmakers in the world by Forbes Magazine. His early albums including Ilovemakonnen, Tuesday, and Drake hit the music charts.

As of 2022, Metro Boomin net worth is approx $8 million dollars.

Early life

Metro Boomin was born on 16 September 1993 in St. Louis, Missouri. He went to Parkway North High School.  He was interested in music and instruments at a very young age. He played bass guitar in his middle school band and started making beats at the age of thirteen.

All this started when his mother bought him a laptop and he created music production software called Frootyloops. He started with five beats a day and then started working on his rapping skills.

Eventually, he turned all his interest in hip hop production. While learning and working on his production skills, he started to utilize social media platforms to establish his work as a professional rapper.


During his freshman year Morehouse College, his song karate chop was performed by the future, featuring Lil Wayne. Future’s album honest hit the music charts.

Finally, he planned to drop out of college to continue his music production as a full-fledged career.

In 2015, his track 3500, featuring 2 Chainz and Future by Travis Scott ranked at number 82 on Billboard US Hot 100, 25 On Billboard Us R&B, and The Billboard US Rap Charts.

In 2016, one of his favorite songs, Father Stretch My Hands featuring Kid Cudi by Kayne West reached number 9 on the Billboard US Hot Rap Chart.

Besides this, the song low life featuring the weekend by future ranked at number eight and five on the Billboard US Hot R&B Hip Hop Charts.

In 2017, 21 Savage released Bank Account which ranked at number 5 and 4 on the Billboard US Hot R&B Hip Hop and Billboard Us Hot Rap Charts.  Furthermore, it was also certified platinum by RIAA.

In 2018, his production Ric Flair Drip was certified gold by ARIA and 3xplatinum by RIAA.

As of 2022, Metro Boomin net worth is estimated to be around $8 million dollars. Metro Boomin is one of the wealthiest rappers in the American music industry.

He earned a good amount by serving as a DJ in his music career. Besides this, he has amassed his net worth by working enthusiastically as a music executive and record producer.


Metro Boomin won several nominations and awards for his exceptional songwriting and record producing skills.

He won BMI R&B Hip Hop Awards and BET Hip Hop Awards in 2016 and 2017 for himself in the category of the producer of the year.


Metro Boomin is a famous American hip hop music songwriter, DJ, and songwriter. In a very short period, he has established himself as a great music producer of the world. He is considered as the most sensible and mature producers of the US music industry.

As of 2022, Metro Boomin net worth is around $8 million dollars.

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