6 Easiest Ways to Make Money Traveling

make money traveling

Want to travel around the globe? Yet keen about making money? You are very much on the right page. Make money traveling is no more an impossible thing. But, before talking about the possibilities and opportunities of making money while traveling, there are some calculations needed to be made. First of all you need to know your areas of expertise very clear.

Write down a list of your skills, work experiences, hidden talents, interests and hobbies, this practice widens the area of opportunities. If you love the work you do as a job or business it gives a comparatively better return. Coming back to the point, well the options of make money while traveling can be numerous but we have cut the detailing short and summarized it in the 6 easiest ways.

1. Freelancing Work

The first ever thought to hit the brain while thinking about how to make money traveling is FREELANCING. Freelancing is a rapidly growing platform with billions of employers and sellers spread all around the world. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money regardless of your location.

If you do not know about freelancing let me explain it to you. Freelance work is kind of a job where you are not anyone’s employee but your own boss. You work on contract basis.

Currently, a huge number of companies and organizations are hiring the services of freelancers. One can find work according to his area of interest.

It is an independent sort of job. All you need is laptop and internet connectivity and can work from any corner of the continents.  This is how it comes to be the first and the most convenient way to make money while traveling. To help you proceed in this category, the following are some websites to make money traveling comfortably.

All you need is to sign up an account and start working.

2. Work Online

If you are kind of a free bird, don not like dictations and dominations, loves to travel whenever, wherever you want yet having a handsome balance in bank. Working online is a good deal for you to earn on regular basis despite of traveling along.

There are many streams in this category; we’ll discuss few of them.

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Web Designing

It is very much in demand nowadays. If you have an educational background and work experience in computer software and have a strong grip in the field of website building then you can have an online business of web designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is also a need of every business. It can also be done online without having an office or a specific location. All you need to be connected with your clients. You can work and earn from everywhere.

Selling Goods Online

Many individuals and companies are having their business of goods online. You may have your own e-shop or can take help from any online sales outlet to sell your product. The goods may be the things you purchase for trading or your handmade products. If you are a designer or an artist you can sell your stuff online.

3. Online Courses

Another easy way to make money while traveling is teaching online. It requires the connectivity with Skype and you are on the board. Online courses have many classifications out of which you can choose the one that suits your talent.

Teaching Languages

Teaching different languages online is a very interesting job and it does not restrict you to one place. Many people are interested in languages other than English such as French Germen and even Chinese.

Teaching subjects

A number of people from all over the world seek help from the professionals through the lectures conducted via Skype’ this option is very much in practice in the field of education catering almost every subject.

Teaching skills

You can also teach different types of skills online such as yoga, art and craft, cooking, baking and stitching.

4. Tourism Agency

One interesting way to work, earn and travel. You can make money traveling quite comfortably if traveling is your business. One does not need to own a big agency if short of budget, this field has many other options instead.

Tour Escort

Many international tour service providers offer group deals for the corporate sector as well as group tours for public, they also hire someone to accompany that group.

Cruise Employment

If you have a chance to get some kind of work on the cruise it also caters the requirement of making money by traveling.

5. Work Remotely

It is not necessary to leave your job if you want to travel. A large number of organizations allow their employees to avail the facility of working remotely. One of the best possible and easiest ways to make money traveling is to work remotely. Job security is a great advantage indeed.

It lessens the risk factor because you might not earn as much as expected in other options. Working remotely gives you the flexibility of being connected to your job, stable in your official position and still traveling and earning.

6. Working Holiday Visa

This is a facility provided by some countries like Singapore, Canada, France, New Zealand to the foreigners who are between the age of 18-30. This option is a great deal for those who want to travel and make money side by side and fall into the age limit. Many short term work options are available such as

  • Dance instructor
  • Scuba diving instructor
  • fruit picking
  • Bar tendering
  • Waiters
  • Music instrument instructor

And the list goes on.


There are many more other ways to make money traveling, for sure. Such as travel blogging, photography, Au pair, house-sitting etc. Here we have tried to discuss the possibilities which are considered to be quick and good in term of revenue generation. These picks might be of some help for the people who really want to retain a good average of earning while traveling.

Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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