8 Reasons Why Being Punctual at Work Leads to Better Performance

8 Reasons Why Being Punctual at Work Leads to Better Performance8 Reasons Why Being Punctual at Work Leads to Better Performance

Punctuality has long been considered a positive trait at the workplace. Today as more and more of us find ourselves in a unique position of working from home, punctuality still remains as relevant as before. A study published in the International Journal of Research Science and Management found a positive correlation between punctuality and employee performance.

So why is it so important to check-in and out of work on time? In a nutshell, punctuality is an accurate indication of the level of seriousness and importance you attach towards your commitments. Therefore it serves as a sign of reliability and whether you are capable of executing the assigned tasks on time.

By showing up for work on the right time, you prove yourself to be a dependable member of an organization. So by practicing punctuality you gain high regard from your employers and prove yourself trustworthy. Those are all qualities that increase your chances of a promotion and pay raise.

8 Reasons Why Being Punctual at Work Leads to Better Performance

Being Punctual at Work

Whether you are a CEO or a humble intern, punctuality will always stay en vogue. Here are some benefits of being punctual to work and why you should be taking yours and other’s time seriously:

1. It’s All About Respect

A simple act for showing up to a meeting or a conference on time speaks volumes of how much you respect the participants. This makes them respect you in turn, which means they are more likely to adhere to the rules you set out as an Employer or more open to your input as an Employee.

By inspiring respect from others you place yourself in a better position to lead. So your day is off to a good start!

2. People Can Count On You

Always being late to commitments makes people uncertain whether they can call on you to deal with an important task. However, practicing punctuality increases your value within the organization. Your employers are more likely to hand over important tasks and assignments to you because you have proven yourself reliable.

In other words, you create your own brand by garnering positive attention through punctuality. You prove yourself as trustworthy, dependable and reliable. In short, punctuality adds several merits to your professional profile in the workplace which helps you get ahead.

3. Enhanced Productivity

In general, people who are better at managing their time, feel more confident and in control of their nerves. They are able to approach any given challenge with a clear head. Moreover, when working in a team, punctuality is proven to improve productivity by motivating other team members to meet the assigned deadlines as well.

Conversely, an employee late to complete his or her assignments has a negative impact on the team’s productivity and morale. Especially since the remaining members often find themselves in a strange position to provide excuses for the one member who is always lagging behind.

4. Get Ahead By Planning Ahead

Once you reach your office early, you give yourself enough time to settle down and make a list of your daily tasks. This ensures that you achieve all your daily targets. Moreover, you have sufficient time on hand to prepare for an impending meeting. You can go over your points and revise quickly beforehand.

5. Increases Your Credibility

Punctuality is a sign of professionalism. It shows the amount of effort you are willing to put in for your job. It ensures job security by adding value to your name as you mark yourself as dependable, reliable and consistent.

Those are qualities that employers treasure in their workers. Having these traits proves to your organization that you are indispensible. So in a competitive job market with a struggling economy, it is best to prove your credibility through punctuality.

6. Shows You Are Organized

Being punctual shows you are organized which in turn puts you in a better position to tackle challenges. You are able to keep better track of the assigned tasks, monitor the execution of projects in a timely manner and keep a close check on the progress of your subordinates. So by being punctual, you ensure smooth operation.

7. Gives Your Company a Good Reputation

In today’s world businesses are in constant competition with each other and those with better customer service in place are likely to be more successful. Businesses that do not deliver on time suffer greater losses. Wherever you lie in the supply chain, living up to your commitments is going to help create a good reputation for your company and attract investors. And as your company benefits, so will you.

8. Get To Know More People

You are not likely to make many friends or get to know as many people if you are always in a rush to come and go. Punctuality gives you the added benefit of finding yourself in a relaxed state to strike up a conversation with a colleague. Finishing your work on time gives you the luxury to go out for coffee with an acquaintance.

Positive relations with your colleagues at the workplace increase your willingness to work in that environment. It also means you get to make a few friends along the way whom you could count on.


Punctuality at the workplace is not an outdated concept. In today’s competitive job markets, punctuality remains a valuable trait that is sought by big corporations.  It makes you stand out from the crowd, prove your worth to your employer and inspire others to follow your lead.

Written by Farwa Batool

MSc Biotechnology.
Writer and a mom of two beautiful daughters.

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