Lavar ball Net Worth

Lavar ball net worth

How much is LaVar Ball worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: October 23, 1967
Source of wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2024


LaVar Ball is a prominent sports personality, with his interest being in basketball. Though his career as a sports player was short-lived, he decided to focus on the business side of things and owing to his opinionated nature, has become quite well known.

Mainly through his business ventures, LaVar Ball net worth has reached $4 million.

Today, he isn’t the only one from his family who is famous as he has three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, all of whom are professional basketball players.

Early life

LaVar Ball was born in Los Angles and he showed interest in sports from a young age.

LaVar Ball’s education constituted of Canoga Park High School and Cal-State Los Angeles College, where he studied criminal justice. He played football and basketball at high school and played basketball throughout college as well.

After college, he started playing with the New York Jets in the National Football League, but he couldn’t continue for a long time as a football player because of certain injuries and soon became a personal trainer.

Entering the limelight

LaVar Ball became famous in recent years, with his name becoming well-known in the basketball world because of his sons, his controversial comments and his business ventures.

The Ball family was featured by CBS Sports, with other media outlets following suit. Furthermore, he is someone who doesn’t hesitate before making any comments, regardless of the repercussions.

He coached his sons to be basketball players from a young age and has followed their careers closely, often making decisions for them as well.

LaVar Ball came into particular focus when he said that his eldest son Lonzo, who was playing for UCLA at the time was better than several basketball players such as Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James. People weren’t impressed with these comments.

Furthermore, LaVar also claimed that he could defeat Michael Jordan if they had played against each other, which many mocked owing to his not so impressive record as a player.

Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball net worth truly started to increase when he launched Big Baller Brand. A company that provides shoes, clothes, and other sports-related accessories, began in 2016 and has received mixed reactions from players.

While Ball compares his brand to big names such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike, if his brand will be as successful is yet to be seen as it is still pretty new.

When Lonzo promoted his father’s brand, many journalists thought that his connection went against the rules of the NCCA and that he should be removed from UCLA. This didn’t happen but unfortunately, UCLA did bar LiAngelo for the same reason as both father and son didn’t follow the rules of the NCCA.

When the Big Baller Brand released their first pair of shoes titled ZO2, he was severely criticized for keeping the shoes at such a high price. However, several athletes lent their support as well.

LaVar Ball plans to launch shoes for each member of his family, after releasing a pair which were meant to be for his son LiAneglo.

LaVar ball Motivational Video

LaVar Ball’s JBA

The Junior Basketball Association is set to be for those players who don’t want to play at the college level.

As already mentioned, LiAngelo was removed from UCLA for going against NCCA rules. So, in retaliation to this, LaVar Ball decided to launch the JBA which will basically provide a platform to those players who don’t have the opportunity or don’t want to play for colleges.

LaVar Ball’s League is structured like the NBA only and will feature 8 teams. Many people have again criticized the man for making the league just a way to increase publicity for his sports’ brand. However, the league is relatively popular amongst basketball fans.

Additionally, the league also has two of LaVar Ball’s sons LiAngelo and LaMelo playing in the team hailing from Los Angeles. The two of them had been playing basketball in Luthinia but have given that up.

As of today, LaVar Ball net worth is estimated to be around $4 million making him one of the best basketball players.


LaVar Ball has been part of numerous controversies, time and time again, with his numerous statements and tweets being one of the major reasons for him featuring in the news so frequently.

When LiAngelo, his son was arrested in China for shoplifting along with other UCLA players, it started a feud between Ball and none other than the President of the country, Donald Trump.

At the time they were arrested, Trump was also in the country and he later sent out a tweet which suggested that he was the one who had aided the release of the basketball players.

In response, Ball also tweeted but refuted Trump’s claim saying he hadn’t helped the players in any way. Later, Trump’s claim proved to be false but after Ball’s response, both individuals exchanged several angry tweets, insulting each other.

LaVar Ball then went on to criticize the president on other occasions as well.

He also became known to be a strong critic of the head coach of the Lakers, Luke Walton. The fact that his son played under Walton didn’t deter him at all, and Lonzo even stood up for his father later.

Even though Walton spoke to Ball, telling him not to discourage his son by putting such negative thoughts in his head, Ball continued to do so facing criticism again from multiple coaches. However, he seems to be more satisfied with the coach in recent times.

Ball in the Family

A television show has been recently launched which features the man himself, his sons and LaVar Ball’s wife, Tina who suffered from a stroke earlier but has made a recovery.

The show appears on Facebook and is set to further add to LaVar Ball net worth.

Though he has appeared in the news for the wrong reasons multiple times, LaVar Ball has proved to be a successful businessman and basketball coach for his sons.

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