How to Start a Business With No Money

How to Start Business With No Money

Where there is a will, there is a way

Said truly and proven for lives. Doing anything is possible once you dare to face the challenges and determination to stick on your purpose whatever comes your way. No matter any small task or a big target.

Let’s say starting a new business. We all know that the basic thing you require to start a new business ix money. But what if we say that you can start a business even without investment?  Many of you would be surprised as a big amount of capital is needed and must be having the thought that how to start a business with no money? We have the answer.

Starting a business with the least cash or even without money is very much doable in the present age of technology and evolution. There are several conducts to give your business the first gear.

How to Start a Business With No Money

So if you are seriously passionate about converting your great ideas to the business canvas we have these best ways to start business with no money.

1. Define your skill

The first and foremost important question you need to ask yourself before thinking about starting a business with no money is what are your best skills? What talent you have? Something you can craft without major financial assistance. Your product must also be attractive for others so that they can indulge in buying it. Either it’s some piece of art or any creations or some other qualifications like counseling, teaching, etc.

2. Know your passion

Knowing the level of how passionate you are about starting a new venture also matters a lot. Lack of passion results in early exhaustion. The initiate of starting a new business must be backed up with full zeal and zest.

3. Decide your product

The next step is to decide what to produce? It’s time to choose your specialty, something that you can make with most perfection and least of cost. As discussed earlier, art and craft or baking require the raw material that is almost already available with people.

4. Make the most of the available

In the matter of how to start a business with no money, here comes the intelligence. One of the best ways is to make a list of all the available resources and allocating them in the best possible manner to get the most of them. For instance, a room in your house can be converted into your display store; you can utilize your car for delivery to the customers and many more.

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5. Start as a small window

As you are aware of the shortage of funds for investing in hiring staff or rental office etc., the best way to start business with no money is to take small steps initially. Instead of thinking about a store for selling your products you can sell them from home. Also, take small orders at the beginning which you can complete with perfection and take care of single-handedly due to the absence of any helping staff.

6. Target the right customer

Every business either big or small has targeted customers for every product. Whatever you are delivering, either a product or service, your clear vision and knowledge about the needs of that targeted community is very crucial to hit the right pitch

7. How to sell

A very interesting query in the continuity of how to start a business with no cash? Is how to market and sell your product? Once you are in the business it’s a matter of life to be heard, known, and considered.

It necessitates some real deep trenching, especially when you are short of finances. But, its nothing to worry about you still have many options open to let people know about your products and services.


In this category, you act as your brand ambassador. Take your business door to door by meeting people personally and informing them about your business, the quality you are providing.

Ad pasting

Attractive posters, broachers, and flyers can be a great help in promoting your business. You can paste them at the main points where everybody can notice and read them.

Ad posting

Fortunately, social media has been proven nothing less than a blessing for those who were investigating, how to start a business with no cash in hand. Many means are available to advertise and sell your goods and services. Facebook, Instagram is the prominent functional platform to display and sell your products free of cast. Even the delivery charges can be charged to the customer. You can also ask for an advance payment.

8. Competitive price

Starting a business with no investments? So, you might be producing goods that cater to the general needs of people and particularly the middle class. At this level, the buyer is keener about the competitive advantages of what he is paying.

Offering competitive prices and product values attract the masses. But, less pricing than your competitors should not damage your profit margins as your profits are the funds for your further productions.

9. Profit-sharing

Having great ideas and practicable plans for generating profits, but, stuck because of the missing capital and curious that how to start a business with no money? Profit-sharing is a valid option for you. You can barter with a partner having the fund in return of your ideas and efforts to enjoy profit equally.

10. Sales incentives

In need of sales person’s support? An incentive percentage of sales can be offered to the employees instead of a fixed salary in the beginning. Many companies adopt this option nowadays.

11. Friends and family a big support

Whenever we are in need, friends and family are a big support. Though we have discussed many best ways to start a business with no money. But if a kind of venture requires certain funds to kick start? Your first support is always your family and friends. They don’t ask for pledges and interest rates.

12. Apply for small loans

Shortage or even absence of capital should not restrain you from starting a new venture. There is an open option of applying for small loans. Many organizations support new entrepreneurs to encourage new businesses. You can apply for such small loans. You can also pinch in crowdfunding platforms, work hard to present your ideas attractively to make people invest in your business.

13. Save the returns

It’s very important to set prices with the aim of earning good returns. Don’t waste a penny out of what you receive in the form of profits. In the beginning, re-invest a certain percentage of your returns in your business to make it flourish.

14. Take advice

If you think you know everything, no you don’t. Talking to experienced people is always an aid for nurturing new business. Talk to the people near to you regarding their opinions and advice. Try to meet small business owners around you listen to their experiences. You can get a lot of ideas and virtual help to start your own business.

All of the above-mentioned techniques could accelerate your business activities but you need to refrain from the illusions of becoming an overnight success. While starting your business with no money, anticipate big success after years instead of days.

Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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