How to Become a Billionaire

How to Become a Billionaire

A question that haunts, almost, everyone. How to get rich? How to add up finances? What should be done to multiply the bank balance? Everyone urges to become rich and have a 10-digit bank statement.

Have you ever wondered why all the struggles in the stock market or trade industry do not get the same return? While they all work hard. Why do many business start-ups end within 2-3 years and most in 5 years? Don’t they desire to progress and want sustainability? They do for sure. But, what makes some to be tremendously outstanding? This is what we are going to highlight in this piece of writing.

To be straightforward, there is no secret ingredient to becoming a billionaire and no quick formula to get so. Becoming recognizably rich is a matter of long-term planning and sticking to that with patience. There is no magic behind the people who earned to that level.

All you need is to have a goal and play your cards wisely until you achieve that. Becoming a billionaire is all about saving and investing it to make more money. You must have heard that love begets love, interestingly, money begets money. If only you know how to behave.

When we study the behavior of a billionaire we get to know how to respond in two aspects from saving to investment, and that’s what makes them different, make them BILLIONAIRE. On the way to learn how to become a billionaire? Before exploring the secrets, tips and strategies of becoming a billionaire, it is very important to understand the behaviors which a billionaire carries. How he thinks, perceives and acts. What makes him stand out of the billions? Studies have unveiled the following key factors that make a person exceptionally successful.

How do Billionaires behave?

  • They value their time and their worth. Useless meetings and chit chat are far away from their agenda. Sir Richard Branson, a successful billionaire, is famous for his stand-up and walking meetings.
  • They believe what they think. For them everything is possible and this is the core why they hold that position. When everyone thinks of something unreachable a billionaire mind says NO, I can do this.
  • They are different for that they dare to execute big ideas instead of only thinking about.
  • They are born leaders. They know how to delegate tasks to the appropriate and capable workers. The talent to identify and hire the right persons is a billion-dollar trait itself.
  • They are calm and believe in waiting. Patience is the key.
  • They dream big and aim high.
  • They believe in expansion and constant expansion. They don’t stay still at one destined point. Every day is a new start for them.

These points will assist you to understand further discussion. As we have discussed that the core of how to become a billionaire? Revolves around the two money-related braches i.e.

  1. How to save?
  2. Where to invest?

How to save?

How to save - become a billionaire

Do you have any money strategy or financial plans? You must be following any financial strategies to deal with the debit and credit sections of your bank statement. If not, start it now. Financial planning enables you to save.

Following is the guide to save in order to invest. How to become rich deals with acquiring all the habits the riches possess. To make money from your money, you need to invest, and for investing you need to have savings, the most difficult task. Here are the ways out.

Plan your finances

Budget planning of your expenses with relation to your income is not a new thought, But, a tried and tested formula for big savings. Spending within your limits and set aside a portion of your earnings for saving. Budget making is not a tricky tool. Below are some important steps to make a successive budget plan.


Record all the sources and resources you are earning from and calculate your total income. It means adding up all other sources along with your salary throughout the year.

Compute your expenses

Calculate all the expenses. Fixed expenses can be added easily, make a provision for the variable expenses by checking receipts of previous months. Calculate your monthly insurance. Also, make some provisions for unexpected expenses, it will provide you with a more realistic budget.


To find either you are earning up to your expenses? Simply subtract your expenditures from your income. Do you have a remainder? Great, that is your overage. You can earmark this amount for saving.

Keep checking on the budget plan

Keep on tracking your expenses and income from time to time to stay on budget.

Stay focused

Try your best to stick to your budget. Avoid the unnecessary activities that cause trouble to the financial balance. Exceptions are acceptable.

Spend wisely

In order to monitor your spending, you first need to check the areas and products you spend most of your money on. When you figure out the items capturing most of your earnings, you are in a better position to look for an alternate for the important ones and to decide which expenses to eliminate. Wise spending means spending on the opportunities which provide maximum return.

Make purchases that have a long life

It is psychologically proven that we mostly spend based on prompt temptations of many products.  And most of the times those products turn out to be useless even without consuming them.

The urge to spend more and more is tough to deal with rather challenging. These temptations often lead to accumulated debts.

Try to avoid all those activities which result in a negative financial impact. Make sure that whatever you purchase has long-term benefits and usage.

Buy in bulk

If you want to save for future investment and join the race to become a billionaire then make bulk purchases. It saves time it saves cost and most importantly saves you from random buying. When you buy in bulk not only you can enjoy promotions and discounts but less visiting the market lessens the chances of non-important shopping.

Avoid credit cards

A credit card is a risk carrier for you if you are in the struggling phase on how to become rich. To become a billionaire of tomorrow you have to sacrifice your today. Live like a poor to save as much as you can. Restrict spending through credit cards. You can avoid credit card’s consumption by

  • Saving for emergencies.
  • Charging to your card up to a limit that you can afford.
  • Do make payments of cards on-time.
  • Clear your monthly balance.
  • Do not use your card for cash withdrawals.

Where to Invest?

Where to Invest - become a billionaire

The most practical way to make you rich faster is to invest. To become a billionaire you simply need to make money and for this purpose, you need to invest, invest, and invest smartly. This section will help you find the answers for what jobs make you a billionaire?


Whatever job you are going to opt to add zeroes to your bank account, you must have proper planning about how, where and when. A solid plan is a base for any action to be executed perfectly. Since you have enough savings in hand to invest, this money must be utilized to return the maximum output.

Evaluate your strengths, knowledge and experience, most importantly your interests to choose the field and take a step forward in becoming a billionaire.

Investment in business

Most of the billionaires today are self-starters, and many of them started even from zero. You have the option to start your own business or you can alternate it by investing in buying into one.

Either starting your own business or buying an existing one, a lot of research is necessary to be made about the nature and requirements of the business. At the time of selecting another important factor to be taken into account is the growth prospects of that industry.

You must also have a mirror view about the demands of the community and economic conditions of the country. While starting today your vision has to be spread over the next ten years, nothing can make you a billionaire overnight.

Real estate investment

Another common way to become rich faster is to purchase and sell the property. Investment in real estate is always as profitable as the value of property increases over time.

Invest in stocks

The stock market is also a much-valued medium to multiply your money, but it involves risk too. Open market investment requires a lot of experience. In the beginning, try to go for dividend investment plans as these can be owned with minimum investment. Start gradually. Learn about the trends of the stock market and behavior of different companies’ shares, invest when finding suitable.

Invest in Government

You can also invest a portion into government bonds; this is relatively the safe mode of investment.

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Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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