How Your Relationship With Your Parents Affects Your Life

How Your Relationship With Your Parents Affects Your Life

A very strange thing happens when you grow up. You finally start realizing that your parents are real humans. They have flaws, good qualities, imperfections but the most important thing is they love you. Parents are a real blessing and their presence in your life counts a lot. They are your real caregivers and try their best to give you the best in life.

The parent and child relationship refers to the unique and everlasting bond and this is very important in determining who we become in life and how we deal with others and the world.

Your relationship with your parents can have a lifelong impact on you. Parenting is one the strongest factor that shapes a child’s overall personality and it determines some of the essential and fundamental building blocks of the psychological makeup.

Let’s learn about how your relationship with your parents affects your life.

Confident parents, confident child

As a parent one has to be vigilant to craft an environment that supports your child and teaches them that fear and problems are a normal part of being human. The confidence parents instill in their children is the most important tool that can make them face challenges and problems.

This is possible with the right parenting skills that include words of encouragement in daily life. Since you are a child you must have heard these encouraging words like bravo, you can do it, proud of you, etc and these words are magical that plays with your psychology and plays a significant role in your present and future dealings with each and every type of person out there.

Independent parents, independent child

Children copy their parents and want to be just like them when they grow up. Independent parents or we can say the parents who did everything on their own in their life want the same for their kids. The best way to be independent is not to worry about the future and take bold steps to solve the issues.

If parents are not dependent on anyone and don’t rely on other’s choices and decisions. They let their kids take their decisions on their own from the start also. In this way, the children get the freedom of choice, expression and taking decisions in life. Independent parents teach them to forget about worries, stay calm and take necessary actions to solve the problems.

You are the precious thing that happened to your parents and according to them, nothing is better than making you capable in life. If your parents are having these qualities, you must have them too. You will rock in school, in university, among your friends and family and in your own family as a father or mother too.

Disciplined parents, disciplined child

Parent’s behavior has a strong bearing on their child’s behavior. Disciplined and obedient parents instill this quality into their children. As a child, you quietly watch their actions and reactions in dealing with the world. Some of their actions directly affect your life and discipline is one of them.

Responsible parents always make sure to watch out their actions and they handle the situation in a calm and composed manner that gives a lesson to the child to bear the situation calmly and then finding out the possible way.

Your relationship with discipline parents may eventually have a positive impact on your life. You will learn to organize things and even your mind properly.

Neglecting parents, neglecting child

Parenting is a full-time job especially when the kids are small or are in their early teens. Their small minds need complete attention and care. Children who haven’t received enough attention from their parents can grow up with the feeling of loneliness and they consider themselves the most unwanted creatures on earth. Neglectful parents don’t know where their children are, with whom they are spending time or what is going in their lives.

If you lack this attention from your parents or even one of them you may often seek this attention from the others and you may have a miserable love life ahead.

The children who grow up neglected or have emotionally- dramatic parents tend to have low self-esteem, poor confidence, aggressiveness and loneliness in their lives.

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Aggressive parents, aggressive child

Aggressive parents can have detrimental effects on the little minds of their children. It directly affects how children grow socially, physically and emotionally.

Implementing overly rude disciplinary actions, instilling feat to control children, physical abuse and screaming or yelling at children are the actions that affect their mind. The same is the case with the conflicts and occasional disagreements that are likely to create emotional damage to your mental health in the long run. Parental aggressiveness can affect you by decreased cognitive performance, increased relationship problems, high rates of behavior problems, higher risk of academic problems and a negative outlook on life.

However mature conversation positively affects you makes you capable of dealing with others with maturity and sensibility.

Disrespectful parents, disrespectful child

Respect is one of the noblest sentiments people show to each other. It is always earned by giving it to others either an adult one or a small kid. Everyone deserves to be respected.

A child is recognized by how he treats others and this treatment shows how their parents are. Your relationship with respectful parents makes you respectful too. You learn from them how to treat the elders, their friends, their partners, colleagues and mainly their selves.

Respectful parents, first of all, teach their children to respect their thoughts, believes, rituals and decisions. A child, who respects himself will show the same to everyone around.

Take away

In this article, we have learned six ways of how your relationship with your parents affects your life.

Here is a brief recap of what we have learned.

  • Confident parents, confident child
  • Independent parents, independent child
  • Disciplined parents, disciplined child
  • Neglecting parents, neglecting child
  • Aggressive parents, aggressive child
  • Disrespectful parents, disrespectful child

The above-mentioned ways are the qualities and imperfections of your parents who instill these in you whether they teach you or not their actions are responsible for who you are today.

You can revive your past and think about how your parent’s qualities and flaws that affect you in your life and look into yourself as a parent, you are going to be in future,

Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.

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