Expository Writing vs Technical Writing: Differences and Similarities

Expository Writing vs Technical Writing - Differences and Similarities

When it comes to essay writing, you need to have excellent writing skills to create a top-notch essay that will definitely be noticed. However, there are lots of aspects that have to be considered while writing. And one of them is understanding the difference between expository and technical writing.

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When you understand the theme of writing and the format that should be followed, you’ll create a top-notch essay that deserves the highest possible grade! So let’s analyze the main difference between these two forms of writing. So get comfortable and have a look!

When Do People Use Expository Writing?

This form of writing is widely used by academicians studying at different higher educational establishments. It is considered to be the standard analytical writing style that is more creative, free and artistic. Simply put, it is up to you to decide what format you would like to use while writing. No one can limit your imagination.

The main thing you should know about this writing style is that facts don’t matter here. You shouldn’t rely on them. You need to choose the position and simply follow it. For example, you want to persuade someone to do this or that thing. So you can use your imagination, creativity, and other tools to achieve that goal. You can definitely rely on facts that can prove your ideas, but they aren’t of the prime importance.

The majority of your essays in English, Linguistics or Philosophy are mostly written in this format. Moreover, you shouldn’t even think that no one can understand you. You shouldn’t think about your target audience; they will easily understand your thoughts. When using this form of writing, you don’t use specific terms.

What Are the Main Goals of Technical Writing?

It is enough to have a look at the name and you’ll understand the main purpose of technical writing. This form is usually used to explain some technical aspects, product peculiarities and explain how this or that thing works. The average person won’t understand your essay because this form of writing is usually used by technical specialists. Moreover, it is usually preferred by many technical industries where jargon or specific slang is used.

You should bear in mind that technical writing is usually based on facts. In this case, a targeted audience is a group of experts in this or that technical field. All of them have shared knowledge of a certain subject. For example, you need to explain how certain testing protocols work or how the engine works. In such a scenario, a technical form of writing is used. No one except for the same experts in this niche can understand you. Besides, you shouldn’t persuade someone to do something. Your goal is to explain technically.

You are not allowed to express your point of view regarding different facts. That’s why this form of writing is impersonal. In other words, you should sound like a real technical book but not like an expository essay.

When you get ready for writing, you need to do the following:

  • Study the theme well enough. You need to be an expert in this niche to explain all the technical aspects properly.
  • Create a simple outline. In this case, it will be easier for you to follow the structure and you won’t miss anything. When the theme is too complicated, it is really hard to cover it. When you have a clear outline, you’ll easily achieve that goal.
  • Follow the structure. Any essay should be subdivided into a few sections, including an introduction, body sections, and a concluding part. A technical essay isn’t an exception from the rule. It should have clear sections, lists, and examples.

When writing a technical essay, you know that your audience will be interested in your topic. So if you write about thermal imaging cameras or drones that are used for product delivery, you shouldn’t explain some terms. Your audience will surely understand it. Remember that no one will read such essays only for pleasure. Your audience is people who are interested in this niche, people who want to complete some technical tasks, learn something new or understand how to choose a proper thermal imager. That’s why you should be as clear as possible.

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