Christopher Gardner Net Worth

Christopher Gardner Net Worth

How much is Christopher Gardner worth?

Net Worth:60 million dollars
Star sign:Aquarius
Country of Origin:Wisconcin, USA
Date of birth: February 9, 1954
Source of wealth businessman, stockbroker, investor
Height:6 feet and1 inches
Last Updated:2024


Chris Gardner, who inspired the movie the Pursuit of Happyness which stars Will Smith, has made a place for himself in the world through immense struggle and hard work.

As of 2022, Christopher Gardner net worth is around $60 million.

Early life

Chris Gardner was born in Wisconsin and had an extremely difficult childhood.

This was mostly due to his stepfather and the way he treated Gardner’s mother. Being an alcoholic and physically abusive, Gardner’s stepfather was feared by everyone in the house.

Eventually, Chris’s mother tried to kill her husband by setting the house on fire and was arrested for this crime later. After her trial, she was imprisoned.

Chris and his siblings had to enter foster care, but they were influenced significantly by their uncles for some time.

Chris led a troubled life from a young age and his mother wasn’t always around due to several reasons. However, he has always attributed his success and his belief in himself to his mother, who always encouraged him to take care of himself no matter what.

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Struggling financially

As of 2022, Christopher Gardner net worth is $60 million but he had to put in immense effort to achieve such success.

Initially, he was in the Navy but left to pursue a career in medicine. Eventually, he decided to leave medicine as well, something which led Christopher Gardner’s wife at the time to leave him.

Eventually, he decided to become a stockbroker and started doing everything in his power to kickstart his career. Through his perseverance, he got a training position at a reputable company but couldn’t keep it as he was jailed for some parking fines.

After this event, he managed to secure a training position again at a company however, this time he wasn’t getting paid and was making money through other means.

Around that time, he was also made sole custodian of his son and the year that followed this event was the most difficult for him as he was homeless.

With his son, he would sleep any place which he thought was suitable. Eventually, he managed to work his way out of this pit and is now known all over the world.

Road to Success

After entering the world of stockbrokers, Chris Gardner managed to finally achieve his dream and opened his own firm known as Gardner Rich & Co.

As of 2022, the net worth of Christopher Gardner is $60 million, and his firm has played a major role in it.

Now, he is the CEO of Christopher Gardner International Holdings and has invested in several other business ventures.

He has also been giving motivational speeches in numerous countries, along with doing a significant amount of charity work in the form of donations and helping the unemployed and homeless.

Furthermore, after the release of his autobiography, the Pursuit of Happyness, Christopher Gardner’s movie was made on the book, showing the world what a truly inspirational figure he is.

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