Bob Ross Net Worth

Bob Ross Net Worth

How much is Bob Ross net worth?

Net Worth:6 million dollars
Age:52 years
Star sign:Scorpio
Country of Origin:Daytona Beach, Florida
Date of birth: October 29, 1942
Source of wealthPainter, Art Instructor, Television Host
Died:July 4, 1995
Place of Death:Orlando, Florida
Last Updated:2024


Robert Norman Ross, who is popularly known by the name Bob Ross, was a world-famous American painter. He belongs to Daytona Beach in Florida, where he was born. He has also been an art instructor and a television host of the American television program ‘The Joy of Painting.’

Bob Ross was a man of fame as a painter and television artist during his lifetime. He also managed to become an internet sensation of the present century, after his death. Bob Ross died on July 4, 1995, after being diagnosed with lymphoma, a year ago.

Bob Ross net worth is estimated at around $6 million dollars. Given below is a brief history of his personal and professional life, and his recognition as a painter.

Early Life:

Bob Ross was born on 29 October 1942 in Daytona Beach, Florida. His father, Jack Ross, was a carpenter and his mother, Ollie Ross, was a waitress. He also had a half-brother named Jim. Bob Ross spent most of his childhood in Orlando, Florida.

When Ross was a child, he was really fond of animals. He used to play with the animals and was very caring towards injured animals. One of his loved animals, a squirrel named Peapod, appeared in his television show, as well.

Ross had to drop out of school, while in 9th grade because of his father’s injury. He then started working as a carpenter with his father. Since his childhood and adolescence, Ross had the instincts of becoming a painter.

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  • Military:

Bob Ross joined the military when he was 18 years old. He started his service as a medical records technician. He was later promoted to the rank of master sergeant. Ross performed his duties as the first sergeant at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. He served in U.S. military from years1961 to 1981.

  • Painting:

During his military career, Ross invented his extreme inclination towards painting.He started painting Alaskan landscapes on gold pans and started selling them. He left his military service when he started earning more from selling his art pieces.

He was highly inspired by Bill Alexander, a German Painter, and also learned painting under Bill’s supervision. Ross majorly used the same technique of ‘wet-on-wet’ in his artwork, as Alexander did. It was basically the painting art, through which Bob Ross net worth mounted to an amount of $6 million.

  • Television:

Ross started a television show named ‘The Joy of Painting’ where he instructed the audience about the techniques of oil painting. The show aired from January of 1983 till May 1994. The show is still being rerun on multiple broadcasting channels, including Create.

Bob Ross Motivational VIdeo:

Married Life:

Bob Ross was married thrice and had one son, Steven Ross. In 1977, he was divorced with his first wife Vivian Ridge, who was also a good painter. His second wife, Jane, died of cancer in 1992. He was rumored to be married for the third time with Lynda Brown before his death in 1995.


Bob Ross net worth is valued to be around $6 million, which he earned through his successful career of painting skills, art instructor, and television host.

He is remembered as a renowned name of the world’s greatest painters. Bob Ross is still adored and followed by millions of his admirers across the globe.

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