Axl Rose Net Worth

Axl Rose Net Worth

How much is Axl Rose net worth?

Net Worth:$150 million
Star sign:Aquarius
Country of Origin:-Los Angeles, California
Date of birth: February 6, 1962
Source of wealthsinger, record producer, songwriter
Height:1.75 m
Weight:174 pounds
Last Updated:2024


He is a famous American singer, he is a songwriter and he is also into this profession of record production. He is involved in the profession line of music.

He is the lead and main vocalist of this hard rock band named as Guns N’ Roses. Do you know that he is too the sole and only one constant member of this band since its inception and creation time of 1985, it is true! He is one of the lead signers of AC/DC since this year time of 2016.

He has a large and special vocal range, he got this powerful texture in his voice and vocal range. He has always given energetic and powerpack live session performances. Axl Rose is the greatest and best of all singers and that too for all the time. This label is given to him by most of the media outlets.

Axl Rose net worth has officially come out to be 150 million dollars.

Early Life

It was in Lafayette, Indiana that Axl Rose upbringing was done. He was raised and brought up over here. It was in the early times of the 1980s that he moved to the site of Los Angeles and there he got much active in that hard rock stuff.

There, he joined a large number of local bands, some of them were Hollywood Rose and also L.A.Guns. Then in the year 1985, he became the co-founded for Guns N’Roses, this step gave him a lot amount of recognition, success.

He is the oldest child of Sharon Elizabeth, during his birth, her mother was 16 years old and she was too studying in her high school. His father name is William Bruce Rose and at that time, he was 20 years old. When Axl Rose was 2 years old, then his parents had their official and legal separation.

Then his mother got married for one more time to Stephen L. Bailey, and she changed the name of her son right to William Bruce Bailey. Rose has also two younger siblings, he has a sister, her name is Amy, and he has a half-brother, his name is Stuart.

When he made his final move to Los Angeles, then he finally got engrossed and involved in his band which was named as AXL.


Now the major details of Axl Rose net worth are here to start. During late times of 1980s and the early times of 1990s, this was the period of his success and fame. This band first album was Appetite for Destruction and it was released in the 1987 year and that album sold almost 30 million copies on a worldwide basis.

That album became the best selling and most popular debut album in the U.S. Their twin albums that were titled as Use Your Illusion I as well as Use Your Illusion II, they also became widely popular all over in the US. and all over the world.

These twin albums debuted at the Number 2 spot and too at the number 1 spot on this Billboard 200 chart. Do you know that these twin albums managed to make the selling of 35 million copies, it is true!

As of 2022, Axl Rose net worth is around 150 million dollars making him one of the famous American singers, songwriters.

Disappearance of Axl Rose After 1994

It was right after the time of 1994 that Axl Rose made a complete disappearance from the life of public and that happened for several and many years. The bands saw its disintegration because of many of the musical differences and personal differences.

He is the only remaining and original member of his band and he continued to work under this band name, Guns N’ Roses because of the reason he had legally obtained and received the band name. Then in the year 2001, he managed to resurface his self and his band  Guns N’ Roses right at Rock in Rio 3 and he successfully played a large number of periodic concert tours so that he can promote and support Chinese Democracy.

In the year 2012, Axl Rose was included in the list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but he rejected to attend this event and he also made of a request to exclude his name from this list and from the Hall. During the time of November 2008, this band Guns N’ Roses, they released their Chinese Democracy album. At that time, he did not make any contribution in that album promotion stuff.

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Personal Life

It was in Axl Rose late teen times that a psychiatrist concluded this statement that he is suffering from delinquent behavior. He witnessed complete evidence and proof of psychosis in Rose. But he also he made this conclusive addition that Rose possess a high amount of intelligence quotient IQ level.

He was not used to be a heavy drug user, but at the same time, he has never disavowed this fact that he has never used these illicit substances. It was in the times of 1990s that Axl Rose became one of the staunch believers of this homeopathic medicine stuff and he also started to regularly and often followed the cycles of past life regression therapy.

Do you know that he went into public and tried to tell them about his uncovered and harsh memories which were related of getting sexually abused all by his biological father when he was 2 years old, it is true!


It was in the early time of 1986 that Rose started a relationship with Erin Everly, she is a model by profession and the daughter of Don Everly, he is a singer. Rose also wrote the song which was titled as “Sweet Child o’ Mine” for his partner.

They tied a knot on April 28, 1990 right in Las Vegas and then they ended their marriage in 1991. He became involved and dated a supermodel named as Stephanie Seymour after parting his ways from his first wife but this relationship did not last longer too.

Axl Rose Motivational Video


As of 2022, Axl Rose net worth is approximately 150 million dollars.

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