5 Personality Traits that make you Attractive to Others

5 Personality Traits that make you Attractive to Others

The cupid places a gold-tipped arrow in his bow and pulls back the bowstring aiming at your heart. The arrow pierces straight through your chest as he lets go and *Poof* you are in love.

Is that how love works or is there something more to it?

Greek mythology aside, love is a complex emotion. What exactly drives us to get closer to certain people? That is a difficult question. And the answer may vary from person to person.

Granted that beauty is skin deep, but when we meet someone for the first time their physical appearance is what grabs our attention. According to science facial symmetry plays a huge role in making someone appear pleasing to the eyes. Apart from that studies show that women are more attracted to men with light stubble.

5 Personality Traits that make you Attractive to Others

Personality Traits

However, looks are not everything. When deciding on a long-term partner the final decision relies heavily on some defining personality traits. We have narrowed it down to just 5 to keep things simpler.

1. Sense of Humor

The ability to make someone laugh makes you instantly likable. Laughter is infectious; it breaks the ice and lightens the mood. A sense of humor is also an indication of intelligence which is probably why people who possess a good sense of humor are appealing to others.

Not only is this personality trait a deal-maker it also helps relationships last longer.  I came across this anecdote in a book once and it shows exactly how laughter sustains relationships over a long period of time.

An old couple sat in a café together. The husband accidentally knocked over his drink and the liquid spilled on his wife’s dress. He hastily grabbed some napkins to help her clean. “He has been doing this to me for 30 years!” said the wife to onlookers. “She deserves it!” replied the husband.

A couple that manages to focus on the lighter side even when things go awry deepen their bond with each other rather than drifting apart.

2. Confidence

Confidence is another personality trait that instantly amps up your allure. There is nothing more attractive than a person who is comfortable in their own skin. A confident person has a certainty about themselves which makes people around them feel at ease.

Research has consistently shown a positive correlation between confidence and being successful. Maybe it is this faith that confident people have in their abilities to solve problems that make them so attractive to others. They come off as trustworthy and make others feel secure.

Don’t confuse being confident with being arrogant though. The latter is a turn off for many.

3. Humility

This may come as a surprise but studies have shown when looking for a long-term partner people tend to gravitate to those who are more humble. People who are humble have a realistic perception of their strengths and weaknesses and show an inclination toward altruism.

Research also found people more likely to forgive their partners if they perceived them to be humble. So if you are on your first date with someone special it is better not to brag.

4. Compassion

Kindness and empathy are key deciding factors when choosing a life partner. People find these personality traits incredibly charming in others. Looks may be the first thing people notice about you but a good first impression largely depends on being a good listener and proving to be helpful by being better attuned to other’s needs.

These are qualities that most people seek in their potential partners. Deep down we all have a desire to be understood by someone and to be with someone who is kind towards our flaws. An empathetic individual naturally tends to be more forgiving and goes out of their way to help others. Therefore cultivating kindness as a dominant personality trait gives you bonus points.

5. Honesty

Having the confidence to own up to one’s mistakes rather than covering up with lies is one hell of a desirable trait. Honesty is not only an ennobling virtue, it also helps win others trust and makes you more affable. Lying is a huge turn off because it is disrespectful and makes the other person feel like a fool.

So be straight up with your significant other if you want to build trust in the relationship. Trust is the glue that holds two people together in the relationship. A relationship built on the foundation of trust and honesty stands the test of time.

Final Words

There is no universal formula for finding love but embodying positive personality traits make you more amiable to the people around you. At the end of the day, you should work on your relationship with yourself first and establish quiet confidence in your abilities.

Attributes such as compassion and honesty show the value and respect you attach to others, so the more you stock up on these traits the more pleasing you appear to your peers. Practice loving and respecting yourself and then gently extend these qualities outward to the people you meet.

A well-toned body and stunning looks may help you stand out in a crowd. But when it comes to taking up a permanent space in someone’s life you need a little extra. Inspiring love and respect from others rely on proving yourself honest, dependable, and kind.

In the end, your charm is not limited to just those gorgeous eyes and strong cheekbones. It is how well you treat others that makes you find a way into their heart.

Which of the Personality Traits did you like the most? Leave your comments below. 

Written by Farwa Batool

MSc Biotechnology.
Writer and a mom of two beautiful daughters.

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