5 Kinds of False Friends You Must Fire from Your Life

5 Kinds of False Friends You Must Fire from Your Life

Like family, friends have the power to make or break your personality and success by creating the required environment.

Unlike family, you have the power over your friends because you can choose to have them in your life or not.

Use this power wisely. Choose friends who support you through your passions and progress not drag you to disappointment and failure.

5 Kinds of False Friends You Must Fire from Your Life

That said, here are 5 kinds of friends who are meant to bring misery in your life. Avoid them at all costs!

1. Always Complaining Friend

Life happens to every one of us. Sometimes, it gifts us with bliss; at other times, we receive displeasures from it.

The best thing about life is the consistent change it throws at us. But for some people, it seems that life never changes. These people move from one bad situation to another worse situation. Their circumstances never improve. Even if their circumstances improve, their moods don’t.

Life is hell for these people. And they make every effort to pass on this hell to everyone who surrounds them.

If you are the one who is, unfortunately, surrounding them because of your friendship, understand that now is the time to run. Don’t wait or you might end up taking their habit of continuously complaining.

Understand that their victim mentality is addictive. It has the power to replace your perfectly developed self-esteem with an intensely externalized locus of control.

2. Self-centered Peers

Another type of person who can have a negative impact on your life can be selfish people. These people, disguised as friends benefit from us, our mental capabilities, emotional strengths, and physical resources.

They not only take advantage of our friendship but also think that they are entitled to these privileges. Their selfishness doesn’t end here. They go on to not repaying our kindness with the same level of kindness and generosity.

Their worst quality magnifies when we need them. In such events, they just … disappear- leaving us confused and bewildered. What did we do to deserve such treatment?!!

No, it’s not your fault to have needs and wants at times. Instead, it’s their fault to not have enough courtesy to repay kindness with kindness. Period.

Learn your life lesson, place these friends in the category of so-called friends, and move on.

3. Needy Friends

Like selfish friends, these folks also represent the mentality of entitlement. And just like complaining friends, they carry negative energy with themselves.

Needy friends live in that era of their life where they were needy and dependent on others to provide for them. Unfortunately for them, their needs weren’t fulfilled in that era so they kept carrying on the same feelings and emptiness in their present phase of life.

Although their neediness seems understandable, it’s unbearable if they start projecting on their friends and fellows.

After all, you were not responsible for them not meeting their needs.

Also, you can’t go in the past to fill them to the brim.

You can only fulfill their current needs and because of past neglect, these needs can only be fulfilled by a change in mindset and a conscious effort (on their part) to let go.

In short, it’s their battle, not yours. Don’t drain yourself filling a pit without a bottom.

4. Uninterested Friends

Another friend who doesn’t deserve your commitment and time is a friend who doesn’t reciprocate these inputs.

There can be hundreds of signs of lack of interest from friends. They can be upfront or diplomatic.

They can use words of discouragement or excuses, or they can prefer body language and facial expressions. Or worse, they can only ghost you at times you contact them.

Whatever are the signs, love yourself enough to love those who love you and are committed to you.

Don’t waste your energy on those folks who take you for granted.

5. The Bully

Unlike all other mentions in this article, bullies are the only people who are out there to get you. Others may have their limitations from their emotional states and past experiences. But these frenemies intentionally harm your mental health only to derive momentary happiness from your distress.

If your friend often gives you backhanded comments, pulls you down when you feel motivated, and makes fun of you; you would be better off without them.

Bullies are hurtful. But their malignance has no end when their bullying behavior is disguised as friendship.

Wrap Up

The first step towards developing healthy friendships is befriending you.

When you have developed a habit of treating yourself with respect and kindness, you wouldn’t allow others to take advantage of you.

Consequently, you will learn to distance yourself from these five types of friends.

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Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot is a productivity enthusiast who in on mission to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in achieving their business goals through focus, grit, and motivation. When he is not advocating smarter work, he is traveling the world or journaling his achievements in the self-growth arena on his blog.


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  1. False people are always going to be around us. Whether they are your friends, family or a significant other. Just know, to keep your distance and be short with them, as much as possible. Friends, are people, that no matter how bad they would do upon you, being a good person towards them is very important. Such people, tend to have low esteem and its very important that as a good friend, you are their to guide them as well as to treat them right, no matter how bad they are towards you.

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