5 Daily Positive Thoughts to Brighten Up Your Day

5 Daily Positive Thoughts to Brighten Up Your Day

Are the daily struggles of life taking a toll? Do you find yourself feeling mostly glum and miserable? Nothing gets you excited or energized?

Those are the effects negative thoughts can have on your life. Most of us, whether we realize it or not, are naturally inclined to engage in negative self-talk. Although a healthy dose of criticism is important for self-improvement, too much can lead you on a downward spiral.

This is why it is so important to be conscious of the thoughts racing through our mind. When we are in a depressive state, rarely do we realize how much we ourselves contributed to get there. Our sadness is in fact not a product of external factors but our own conditioned thinking. Adding some daily positive thoughts to our lives is sure to make us feel reenergized to deal with our problems.

Focusing on our attitudes to the problems we face is a good place to start because it makes us feel in control. We realize we have the power to change our circumstances by changing the way we react to them. By shifting our minds from a “Reactive” state to a more “Proactive” state, we are able to exert control over our life.

However, all this takes time and practice. It is not realistic to expect a pessimist to transform into an optimist overnight. In fact, the difference between the two is that an optimist constantly sharpens the sword by practicing daily positive thoughts.

We have to continually endeavor to change our manner of thinking by identifying negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. This gets particularly hard to do when most of us consider our negative thoughts as Truths or quite simply Reality.

Most pessimists are staunch believers that their negative thoughts are simply bitter truths that others find hard to accept. However, science proves otherwise. Reality is ambiguous, things cannot simply be categorized as black or white, people and situations mostly tend to be unpredictable.

Therefore the first step is to accept that the belief system can be wrong. Once we approach life with this humble mindset we become more receptive to the positivity around us which we would not have noticed otherwise.

5 Daily Positive Thoughts to Brighten Up Your Day

It is vital that we incorporate positive thoughts into our daily routines, to bring about a change in our lives. Here are some daily positive thoughts that can put a positive spin to your day:

1. Decide to be Happy

This is a tricky one, especially since most of us believe we can only be happy if and when we finally achieve all our desires. Psychology teaches us that humans are programmed to be dissatisfied with their circumstances no matter what. Sounds strange? But it is true and makes perfect sense if you ponder over it for a moment.

If something like perpetual bliss and contentment did exist it would eliminate our tendency to accomplish anything at all. Human race as a collective entity would not push the limits and test its boundaries to accomplish the impossible. Most of the inventions that have enriched our lives in modern times would not have been invented because there would have been no motivation to do so.

All this holds a secret that most of do not realize: Happiness is a choice, not a product of one’s experiences. You can choose to be happy by focusing on the good even in the bleakest moments. And the more you look for good, the more you’ll find things to feel grateful for. Make a list of all the things in your life that you are thankful for, concentrate on what you have instead of what you do not. Such daily positive thoughts are sure to uplift your spirits.

2. Let go of the Past

Often times we find ourselves trapped by past demons. Our future interactions, decisions, and emotional responses are dictated heavily by how we were treated before. This makes us less open to new and positive experiences.

Though our past can be an excellent tool to learn and grow from, it is foolish to get tied up in our past and let it define us as a whole. There is so much to learn and so much to explore as we go through life; so much that we haven’t experienced yet.

Look back on the things that caused you the most hurt and pain, filter out the positive aspects, extract wisdom from your experiences, and then choose to let it go.

3. You Deserve to be Happy

You might think this is a rather odd one. But the truth is most of us are stuck feeling unhappy and dissatisfied because deep down we believe we do not deserve any better. Self-Loathing is one of the precursors of depressive thoughts. Most pessimists are reluctant to make an effort to achieve the life they want because they believe they are not worthy of happiness.

Don’t let past failures distort your self-esteem. Remember setbacks are just stepping stones. Practice kindness towards yourself, focus on self-love and learn to appreciate your differences. Positive affirmations about yourself on a daily basis can help immensely to boost your self-esteem.

4. Surround yourself with Positive People

We become the company we keep. This age old adage is quite accurate. So look closely at the people in your life, pay attention to the way they talk and how they react when things don’t work out. If you notice you are not surrounded by enough positive energy then it is better to make new friends, ones that will uplift you not tear you down.

5. Be a source of Joy for Others

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This golden rule is sure to fill your life with positive vibes. Radiate happiness and joy, do random acts of kindness to strangers, be of service to those in need, practice charity and spread love as much as you can. You will feel so much better about yourself as you make a conscious effort to ease hardships for others.


Adding some daily positive thoughts to your routine is an inexpensive and fail proof method to brighten up your day. A few positive thoughts are sure to make you feel better and more in charge of your life. So practice the above-mentioned tips to achieve a positive attitude towards life.

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Life can be a beautiful journey if you treat it as such.

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Daily Positive Thoughts

Written by Farwa Batool

MSc Biotechnology.
Writer and a mom of two beautiful daughters.

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