Zion Williamson Net Worth

Zion Williamson Net Worth

How much is Zion Williamson worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth: July 7th, 2000
Residence:United States of America
Occupation:Professional NBA Basketball Player


Zion Williamson’s- an American professional NBA player for New Orleans Pelicans. The basketball player was first chosen during 2019, NBA draft by the Pelicans once he was done with the freshman-year stint against Duke Blue Devils.

As of 2022, Zion Williamson net worth is around 8 million dollars.

Early Life

On 7th July 2000, Zion Williamson was born within Salisbury, North California to Lateef Williamson and Sharonda Sampson. He started from Spartanburg High School where he was known as South Carolina Mr. Basketball. He was also McDonald’s All-American and part of Nike Hoop Summit and Jordan Brand Classic during 2018.

Zion Williamson played the college basketball in Duke as ACC Tournament MVP, first-team all ACC, ACC Rookie of the Year, ACC Player of the Year. He won Karl Malone Award and Way man Tisdale award during 2019.

Personal Life

Williamson’s 6ft 7 inches tall who has a power-play performance in the field. It is because of his height that Zeon Williamson plays in a power forward position. He belongs to an athletic family where he started learning basketball from his mother during his early age.

Lateef Williamson is also a professional footballer and served as defensive lineman while Sharonda Sampson served as a pro sprinter. He also has a brother Noah. Zion Williamson’s parents got separated at the age of 5 years.

Before basketball, Williamson played soccer but at the age of 5, his interest shifted to basketball. The rookie contract is Zeon Williamson’s is believed to be projected for around $19.9 million for around 2 years


The professional career of Zion Williamson did not begin till 2018 as he was still playing for Duke in the college basketball with a stunning coach Mike Krzyzewski which was one of the amazing decisions of his life.

He was known as ACC Freshman of the Week three times continuously during 2018-2019. He was first projected as the pick player during the NBA draft, 2019. Zion Williamson’s won his third state title where he served as a senior averaged around 11.4 and 36.4 rebounds each game.

Zion Williamson was also chosen to play for Nike Hoop Summit and McDonald’s All-American Game. The player was also offered a scholarship from Louisiana State University but he did not show interest.

However, Zion believed in committing to Duke University’s team Blue Devils rather than Clemson or South Carolina. Williamson was known as South Carolina Mr. Basketball during the senior year. Williamson was also dubbed as the top 5 players during 2018.

As of 2022, Zion Williamson net worth is estimated to be around $8 million which makes one of the best American professional basketball players.


Zion Williamson won numerous titles for his excellent moves in his favorite sports.

Williamson was chosen as the first person in the 2019 NBA draft by Pelicans. He is one of the first basketball players to be drafted by the NBA in 2019.

He left his high school as McDonald’s All-American, a competitor for Mr. Basketball USA. Williamson won Karl Malone and Wayman Tisdale awards in 2019.

In 2019, Zion Williamson was signed by Nike for an official and exclusive shoe contract. The deal was worth around $75 million for five years which turned an average of around $15 million each year.


Zion Williamson is considered as one of the best basketball players during 2019 and is expected the same for this year as well.

In 2022, Zion Williamson net worth is approximately around $8 million with an amazingly successful career with perfect opportunities during this year and next.

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