Tommy Wiseau Net Worth

Tommy wiseau net worth


Tommy Wiseau is a performing artist, executive, screenwriter, and maker. As of 2021, Tommy Wiseau net worth is approximately $500 thousand dollars.

Tommy Wiseau may have been born in the US or in France. No one, not even those near him, really knows. He spent the majority of his developmental years in New Orleans, Louisiana, however, has gone forward and backward amongst Louisiana and France for a large portion of his life.

Tommy Wiseau Life and Career

Tommy Wiseau is a Polish-American performing artist and movie producer. He created The Room, which has been portrayed by numerous commentators as “one of the most exceedingly bad motion pictures at any point made” and has picked up religion film status.

In 2001 he composed, created, coordinated, and featured in The Room (2003), a component film that got the 2003 Audience Award at the New York International Film Festival. In 2004, he delivered the narrative “Destitute in America,” which got the 2004 Social Award.

Wiseau said that he got the subsidizing for The Room by bringing in and offering cowhide coats from South Korea, some group individuals from The Room said that the cash originated from a composed wrongdoing tax evasion plot, however, Wiseau said that is exceedingly impossible.

As of 2021, Tommy Wiseau net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand dollars.

Tommy Wiseau Motivational Video

Minor details about Tommy wiseau

  • Tommy wiseau born in 3 October 1955 at Poznań, Poland.
  • Tommy wiseau Nationality is american.
  • Tommy wiseau age is 62 years.
  • Tommy wiseau height is 1.74 m.
  • Tommy wiseau Tv show is  The Neighbors.

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