Timothy Sykes Net Worth

How much is Timothy Sykes net worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Date of Birth: April 15, 1981
Residence:Orange, Connecticut
Occupation:Penny Stock Trader


Timothy Sykes is a well-known penny stock trader, stock expert, and entrepreneur. He is mainly known for earning over 1.65 million dollars by day trading when he attended Tulane University.

His luxury lifestyle including posing in his orange Lamborghini, staying in presidential suites, and flying in private jets says a lot about his successful career. However, he earned all this by the utmost dedication and hard work.

He didn’t keep anything private and always remained open about his struggles and hardships he faced. Sykes always encouraged everyone to follow his footsteps.

As of 2022, Timothy Sykes net worth is approx $15 million dollars.

Early life

Timothy Sykes was born on April 15, 1981, in Orange, Connecticut to Joel and Jo Ann Sykes. After completing his high school he attended Tulane University where he received his BA degree in philosophy.

The same year he got a minor in business and used the bar Mitzvah Gift Money worth 12,415 dollars for trading in the penny stocks.

Personal life

Sykes has been married to Bianca Alexa, a winner of Miss Penny Stock in 2013.

He has been involved in several controversies as he never gets registered himself as the investment advisor and he also refused to provide important documents to validate his claims.


Tim Sykes became the part of penny stocks since 1999. He earned more than 1.65 million dollars by trading his investments. At a very young age, he used to study trading and in 2003, he became the founder of the Cilantro Fund Management.

In 2008, he started trading with transparent investment management at around $12, 415. The investment doubled and then tripled into 90, 038 dollars within two years, and made him the Covestor’s top-ranked trader.

In 2007, he published a book titled an American hedge fund: how I made $2 million as a stock operator & created a hedge fund. This book earned him fame and fortune and motivated him to create the financial beauty pageant especially for women out there known as a miss penny stock.

Currently, he is teaching his financial tricks and tips on how to become a successful stock expert. Besides this, he launched and became a founder of which are the top providers of stock information.

As of 2022, Timothy Sykes net worth is estimated to be around $15 million dollars. He became a millionaire at a very young age and amassed this net worth by his utmost dedication towards his career.

Currently, he is teaching more than 5k students in various countries around the globe. He has made his appearance on various media channels including CBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox, MSN, ABC, Men’s Journal, The Street .com, New York Times, and shared his valuable advice with the people.


His career is his biggest and lifetime achievement. He is known as one of the most talented and young penny stock traders.

He doesn’t have any accolade or award but his work says it all. In 2006, his name was included in the list of 30 Under 30 by Trader Monthly.


Timothy Sykes has proved him by earning millions through penny stocks. His successful journey speaks of his dedication and devotion to his work.

As of 2022, Timothy Sykes net worth is around $15 million dollars.

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