Ted Cruz Net Worth

Ted Cruz net worth

How much is Ted Cruz worth?

Net Worth:3.5 million dollars
Star sign:Capricorn
Country of Origin:-Calgary. Alberta, Canada
Date of birth: December 22, 1970
Source of wealthPolitician
Height:1.78 m
Weight:74 kg
Last Updated:2024


Ted cruz is a well-known American politician and also an attorney which is right now serving as a junior United States senator since the time of 2013.

It was in the 2016 election that he appeared as a candidate for the post of President belonging to the Republican party.

As of now, Ted Cruz net worth is around 3.5 million dollars.

Early Life

Ted Cruz had been raised in Houston, Texas. It was after completing his high school that he attended Princeton University and completed his graduating studies. He also attended Harvard Law school. It was during his birth that he lived with his parents in Calgary.

It was for three years that he remained to live in Calgary. It is often said by Ted Cruz that he is a proud son of mathematics computer programmers. Then in year 1974, his father moved to Texas and left his family.

But later on, his parents finally reconciled and then they relocated and moved to Houston. He has two older half-sisters.

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He is a winner in so many political zones. It was from the time of 1999 till 2003 that he remained on the post of many political appointee ranks and positions.

He served as the Director of the Office of Policy Planning right at the Federal Trade Commission. He acts as an Associate Deputy Attorney General as well at the United States Department of Justice. Then Ted Cruz served as Domestic Policy Advisor during 2000 George Bush Presidential campaign.

Ted Cruz during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries received over 7.8 million votes from 12 states and managed to earn 559 delegates. He managed to raise nearly $92 million and that Cruz campaign had more than 325,000 volunteer

Ted cruz net worth is estimated to be around 3.5 million dollars making him one of the well-known American politicians.

Personal Life

Ted Cruz got married to Heidi Nelson right on 27th May 2001. This couple has two beautiful daughters named as Caroline and Catherine.

It was during George Bush presidential campaign that Ted got a chance to meet Heidi. His wife did work for some time in the White House and too as an investment banker.

Private Practice and Legal Career

Ted Cruz officially served as a law clerk of the United States Court of Appeals in 1995. When he got done with his clerkships, then he decided to start a collaboration with Cooper, Carvin and Rosenthal and their firm was named as Copper & Kirk, PLLC.

He has so far authored 70 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and he has too presented 43 oral arguments.  He served and acted as a lead counsel right for the state and he successfully defended all of the multiple number of litigation challenges to Texas congressional redistricting plan before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Ted Cruz net worth is going on a higher note and we will update you more about the expected changes which will be made in his salary.

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