Scott Disick Net Worth

Scott Disick Net Worth

How much is Scott Disick worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Date of Birth: May 26, 1983
Residence:Eastport, NewYork USA
Occupation:Actor & Producer


Scott Disick is a well known American reality television personality, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. The main reason for his success and fortune is a her appearance in youthful daze, royal pains and flip it like Disick. Besides this being a father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children he is known in the celebrity world.

Moreover, his appearance on keeping up with Kardashians and other reality shows related to Kim Kardashian are the main sources of earning whopping net worth.

As of 2022, Scott Disick net worth is estimated to be around $20 million making him one of the successful American models.

Early life

Scott Disick was born in Eastport on May 26, 1983, to Jeffery Disick and Bonnie Disick. He belongs to the family of real estate and therefore he also assisted his father in starting different ventures.

He attended a private school in East Hampton, Long Island but left his education incomplete and did some modeling for a young adult novel series named Heartland. During school days, he was famed for his ways of partying and luxurious lifestyle.

The poor guy was arrested on two occasions for driving and speeding while drinking too much alcohol.

Personal life

Kourtney and Disick started dating each other in 2006 in Mexico after attending the meeting at Girls Gone Wild Founder at Joe Francis mansion. The couple dated from 2006 to 2015 and gave birth to three children two sons Mason Das and Reign Aston and a daughter Penelope Scotland.

The couple dated on and off which was also shown on keeping up with the Kardashians. However, the birth of all three of his children was also featured on the show.

In 2010, the couple moved to Miami with Kourtney’s sister Kim Kardashian and their son. The couple had some issues in their relationship due to Disick’s excessive use of alcohol. He had gone through some therapies but they continued and reconciled their relationship.

In 2011, Disick also purchased a ring to propose her during the final episode of the first season of Kourtney and Kim take New York. but Kim’s reaction to marriage and to continue the same relation changed his opinion too. Unfortunately, their relationship ended after eight years of togetherness.


Scott Disick started his career by entering the field of modeling. He was quite inspired by the top models of that period. This was also the reason for his incomplete education. In the early days of his career, he featured In the young adult magazine series called heartland.

His next step was appearing in tv shows keeping up with Kardashians and Kourtney Khloe takes Miami. These shows changed his life with lots of fame and fortune.

Later he also started some other ventures and invested in several entrepreneurial endeavors. He launched Monte Carlo a tanning product for man. And soon he had also launched some skincare and grooming healthcare products under the named Rejuvacare and Quicktrim.

In 2012, he launched a chain of Japanese meatpacking restaurant named Ryu in New York along with other businessmen as partners.

Scott has achieved and earned a whopping net worth with great skills and dedication. He is a well paid actor and model. He has a luxurious life style with expensive cars in his garage and luxurious apartment in New York.

Besides, being a controversial personality, he is a successful businessman with numerous charitable works to promote music and education and help people suffering from poverty and hunger.

As of 2022, Scott Disick net worth is around $20 million.


Scott Disick’s famous movies are his main achievements.

Heartland an autobiography, royal pains and flip it like Disick did a great business.

Besides this, his tv show keeping up with Kardashians and his venture of healthcare products named Rejuvacare and a quick team led him towards the road to success.

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Scott Disick is one of the successful American model and television personality. He is known among the elite class people for his lavish lifestyle and among the low-class people for donating expensive and trendy clothes.

As of 2022, Scott Disick net worth is approximately around $20 million.

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