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Pilates Body – How to get the perfect Pilates Body

Pilates Body

How to get the perfect Pilates Body

There are countless workouts that you can do in order to get a flat tummy. Among these exercises, some are pretty famous. When you will search for the exercises that will help you in losing the belly fat, you are likely to come across the pilates.

It is a highly recommended combination of stretches that let you strengthen your core and get some good looking abs. Here, we will guide you on how you can achieve the perfect pilates body. By doing the following drills in the right manner, you can attain the desired look.

Circles in the sky

Put your hands at the back of your head and lie down flat on the ground. Now, slightly lift your upper body so that the shoulders are not touching the ground. It is to contract your abs. Then raise one of your legs straight up towards the sky and start tracing 3 to 5 circles of softball size.

Ensure that your core is moving appropriately while the hips are stable. First, make the desired number of circles clockwise and then do it vice versa. The second leg should be around 4 5 inches above the ground level. If you are a beginner, you may wish to keep your other leg on the ground as it may get ‘too tough’ for you.

Incline Planks

The second exercise that you can do to achieve the appropriate pilates body for yourself is incline planks. It is great for your arm muscles, chest, core and quads and hamstring. Moreover, it also put some pressure on butts. Lie down flat on your back with your hands along your shoulder.

Now, stretch your upper body forming a seated position ensuring that your arms are straight. The palms should be facing towards your feet and should be completely grounded. Then your complete feet should be touching on the ground and it should be a straight like from your head to toe.

Lift one of your legs up as high as you can and then lower it down. Make it certain that your hips do not sag.

Side incline with a twist

Lie down on one of your sides with your forearm right underneath your shoulder. The hands should be perpendicular to the body. Stack your legs and put your abs to work along with the side on your waist on which you are laying. The second arm must be extended towards the sky.

Now, slowly move your arm, twisting your body from waist and above, towards the space that is between your chest and the ground. Make sure that your lower body is steady. Then take it back to the initial position (pointing towards the sky). Repeat it for the desired count and do it with your both sides.

So, these are some exercises that will help you in achieving the pilates body. However, note one thing that you can only benefit if you are doing these drills in the right way. For that, you may like to take help from professional trainers.

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Written by Abdul Qayyum Rajpoot

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