Pat McAfee Net Worth

Pat McAfee net worth

How much is Pat McAfee worth?

Net Worth:$8 million
Country of Origin:America
Date of birth: May 2,1987
Source of wealthFootballer
Last Updated:2024


Pat McAfee is a retired professional football player whose career as a footballer started in 2006 and ended in 2016. However, even though he doesn’t play any longer, he is still part of the game in terms of a commentator and co-host of sports shows.

Through his career, Pat McAfee net worth is around $8 million currently.

Early life

Patrick Justin McAfee was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from the local high school in Plum. Pat had an avid interest in football and soccer from a young age and was an active player in school.

However, he took his passion one step further and, in an attempt, to enter the football world officially, he was even willing to risk his luck at the gambling tables.

Through this, he was able to win a sufficient amount to participate in a competition for the best field goal kickers, where he outshone many others.

After his display at the competition, he was then approached by West Virginia University for a scholarship.

Entering professional life

Of course, Pat McAfee had played the game before, but West Virginia was his real chance to shine and to get signed by one of the top teams.

He played for the Mountaineers at West Virginia all four years that he was there and played well throughout, but his best performances were during his senior year.

He played as a punter for the Mountaineers and won several awards during his time there, thus grooming him for his future career which eventually led to Pat McAfee net worth is $8 million today.

Indianapolis Colts

Through the 2009 NFL Draft, Pat McAfee joined the Indianapolis Colts and was to remain with them for the entirety of his career.

He started off as a punter and was also asked to take care of field goals and extra points. Pat did well with the team and went on to win several awards here as well.

He was also selected to play the Pro Bowl twice, which is an honor for any football player.

Unfortunately for the footballer, he had to endure an injury to his knee due to which he underwent three operations. Ultimately, this resulted in him having to retire from the Indianapolis Colts.

The main contributor to his net worth is his professional career as a footballer.

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Career after retirement

Pat McAfee’s age is 31 so it is natural for him to explore other avenues as an outlet for his passion for sports, and as a source of income.

After retirement, Pat joined Barstool Sports where he had his own show. The show gained significant popularity, specifically amongst sports fans. However, recently he was forced to leave the show.

Pat McAfee also hosts the NXT on WWE along with working as a comedian as well.

Pat McAfee Motivational Video


  • First-team All American
  • Selected for the Pro Bowl twice
  • First Team All Pro punter

At a young age, Pat McAfee has managed to achieve much.

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