Pat Boone Net Worth

Pat Boone Net Worth

How much is Pat Boone worth?

Net Worth:$35 million
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of birth: June 1 1934
Source of wealth:Singer/Motivational Speaker
Last Updated:2024


Pat Boone is a singer, songwriter, actor, and motivational speaker who has received much acclaim and several awards over the course of his career.

As of 2022, Pat Boone net worth is around $35 million.

Early life

Pat Boone was born in Jacksonville, Florida but soon moved to Nashville where he spent most of his life.

He studied at the Lipscomb University and eventually graduated from Columbia University.

Interestingly, Boone got married at the young age of nineteen to Shirley Lee Foley who was also nineteen at the time. The two lived their whole lives together and Shirley died recently in 2019.

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Music and Acting Career

Soon after beginning his professional career, Pat Boone signed with Republic Records followed by Dot Records.

He released a cover of the song Ain’t That a Shame, something which earned him the right to fame and was just the beginning for his career.

His career just went up from there and he released several other covers over the course of his career. Another song which became particularly famous was I Almost Lost my Mind.

Most of Pat Boone’s songs were covers of songs sung by R&B artists and he has been credited with promoting the genre during that time.

Boone was always influenced significantly by religion so eventually, he started singing gospel songs.

Boone also appeared in several movies in his career such as Mardi Gras, April Love, and State Fair. Most of his movies were low-budget and received moderate success and attention.

One of his movies though, Journey to the Center of the Earth, based on the book, became extremely successful.

He also appeared in his own show titled The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom and has authored several self-help books.

As of 2022, Pat Boone net worth is estimated to be around $35 million and his early fame as a musician has contributed majorly to his current wealth.

Political and Religious beliefs

Pat Boone and his family are devout Christians, with Boone always keeping his faith above all else.

Owing to his strong bond with Christianity, he never wanted to make movies where he would be asked to indulge in acts which he felt were inappropriate, rejecting several movies over the course of his career.

Furthermore, he strongly supports the conservatives and has even called liberalism cancer. He propagated against Barack Obama and has openly criticized him on numerous occasions.

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