Nick Woodman Net Worth

Nick Woodman Net Worth

How much is Nick Woodman net worth?

Net Worth:$800 Million
Date of Birth: June 24, 1975
Residence:California, San Diego
Occupation:Founder And Ceo Of Go Pro


Nicholas D. Woodman is a well-known American businessman CEO and founder of GoPro. GoPro is a camera designed to help adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts so that they can get close-up videos and clear images.

The uniquely designed camera is mainly used in sky diving, biking, and water sports. However, this camera can be used as a general video camera with several accessories.

As of 2022, Nick Woodman net worth is estimated to be around $800 million dollars. However, there is a significant drop in his net worth from 2 billion dollars to $800 million after the prices of GoPro fell significantly.

Early life

Nick Woodman was born on June 24, 1975, in California, San Diego to Concepcion who founded the investment bank, Robertson Stephens, and dean woodman a general partner of U.S venture partners in 1992.

He went t Menlo high school and later joined the University of California, San Diego, and a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and creative writing.

Personal life

Woodman has been married to Jill R. Scully and the couple welcomed three children.


Woodman started his career with two startups but eventually failed and then decided to travel around the world. While enjoying his surfing trip in Australia and Indonesia, he used a 35mm camera to capture the surfing moments on film while tying it with a rubber band to the palm.

He was trying hard to capture the moments while surfing and eventually though about many sports enthusiasts who wanted to capture their success in the film and it was the time when he got the inspiration to found GoPro.

His idea was unique and useful in which he wanted to add a belt where the camera would attach to. And then it gets attached to your body.

Initially, he created wrist cameras to provide comfort while capturing pictures while using both hands. The camera is incredibly useful for anyone who wanted to capture their beautiful moments.

He started by investing his parent’s substantial amount of money to launch GoPro. He borrowed 200,000 dollars from his father and 35,000 dollars from his mother.

The little investment earned him great achievement and success. Besides wrist straps, he created head straps, chest harnesses, extending floats, and water floats.

As of 2022, Nick Woodman net worth is around $800 million dollars. He is no longer a billionaire but still, he is on the path of a hugely successful career. His dedication towards his work is the main reason for his successful career.


Woodman received numerous awards for his excellence in the field of business.

  • In 2013, Woodman won The National Ernst And Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award in the category of consumer products.
  • Woodman received Emmy Award for technology and engineering on behalf of GoPro in the category of inexpensive small rugged camcorders.


Nick Woodman is a well-recognized businessman and is mainly known as the founder of GoPro. He has achieved success and a whopping net worth with devotion and passion. He was focused on his career and despite failures, he never loses hope and tried harder.

As of 2022, Nick Woodman net worth is approx $800 million dollars.

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