Morgan Freeman Net Worth

Morgan Freeman Net worth


Morgan Freeman is almost everyone’s favorite and a Hollywood legend. Born on 1st June 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee, he is among the richest African American celebrities. There are plenty of things about the person that you may wish to know. So, here we are discussing Morgan Freeman net worth and throwing some light on his career.

Net worth of Morgan Freeman

There are plenty of things that Morgan Freeman does, and each and every single of them contributes to his worth. The celebrity is best known for his performances as an actor in various Hollywood movies. He has done plenty of television shows and is also a film director.

Most of you may not know this side of him, but he is also a great businessman and has done plenty of highly beneficial deals.

His exact net worth cannot be stated at this moment, but according to various sources, Morgan Freeman net worth is somewhere between $200 million to $220 million. Nevertheless, a legend like him is priceless.

His early life

Born in 1937, Morgan Freeman is from Memphis Tennessee. His father was Morgan Porterfield Freeman, and his mother was Mayme Edna, and both were a barber and a teacher by occupation respectively. He kept on moving during his childhood as he went to Charlestor, Mississippi, Greenwood Mississippi, and Gary Indiana before finally settling down in Chicago Illinois. While he was 16 years old, he had severe issues with pneumonia, and according to some sources, he almost died due to it.


His first acting performance goes back to his school when he was only nine years old. He did a lead role in a play. When he was 12, he went on to win a statewide competition of drama, and during his study at the Broad Street High School, he also worked for a Radio Show.

After his graduation, he was offered a scholarship on a partial drama basis from Jackson State University. However, he turned down the offer, and instead of going to university, he opted to be a part of the United States Air Force.

There, he kept on working as the automatic radar repairman and was soon listed as in the Airman 1st class rank. He worked there for four years.

Later, he went to Los Angeles, California, where he enrolled himself in acting class. Moreover, he was also taking dance lessons in San Francisco. At the same time, he was also doing the duty of clerk at Los Angeles City College.

When it comes to showbiz, he started his career as a dancer, and his first big performance was in 1964’s World Fair.  He was also a part of Opera Ring performers groups. He kept on performing in the stage shows and also did a few acting tasks before finally getting the first role in Hello Dolly.

It was the year 1968, and the platform was Broadway. From there, he kept on his theater performances and among his first-ever awards was the Obie Award of 1980 for his work in Coriolanus.

From their onwards, Morgan Freeman net worth kept on rising as he went on to star in many movies and receive countless awards that include the Academy Award of 2005, Oscar Nominations, Golden Globe, and SAG awards.

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