Michael Dell Net Worth

Michael Dell Net Worth

How much is Michael Dell worth?

Net Worth:$35 Billion
Date of Birth: February 23, 1965
Residence:Austin, Texas, U.S.
Occupation:Chairman, Founder, & CEO of Dell Technologies


Michael Saul Dell is America’s renowned businessman, philanthropist, founder, CEO, and chairman of Dell technologies. He is ranked on 27th position in the list of the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of about $35 billion. His company Dell Technologies is one of the largest infrastructures of technology and the latest types of equipment.

In 2011, Michael held 12% ownership of the company with shares of about 243.35 million. In 2013 Michael bid to take Dell Inc. privately for 24.4 billion dollars. However, the company went public in 2018 again.

Besides this Michael has invested in other companies too. Over 10 billion dollars of his investment in several companies are managed by MSD capital.

As of 2022, Michael Dell net worth is around $35 billion.

Early life

Dell was born on February 23, 1965, in Houston to Lorraine Charlotte a stockbroker and Alexander Dell, an orthodontist. Michael opened his eyes in a Jewish family with a surname Tal that means (Valley).

Michael went to Herod elementary school in Houston. Dell was a businessman since his childhood. To pursue his career in business, at the age of just eight, he took a high school equivalency test. Since his teenage, he invested some money earned through part-time jobs in buying precious metals and investing in stocks.

This extremely talented capitalist always determined to be a businessman. He even bought his first calculator at the age of seven. Dell at the age of 15 purchased his first Apple computer and reassembled it to learn about its parts and processing.

Michael Dell went to memorial high school in Houston, where he used to sell subscriptions to the Houston post. Besides that, he earned $18,000 by selling cold calls. He was dropped out of school for pursuing his career as a businessman and earned about $200,000 in the first year of his business career.

Personal life

Dell married Susan Lieberman in 1989 in Austin Texas. The couple gave birth to four beautiful children. Michael purchased the most expensive home Manhattan’s one57 Penthouse in the city for his family by paying $100.5 million in 2014.

Dell as a philanthropist

Michale and his wife Susan established a foundation named Michael Susan Dell Foundation in 1999 which primarily focuses on childhood health, education, family economic stability, and its grants and causes.

The team of his foundation worked hard to provide the best facilities for the children of urban areas and also started the Children’s Medical Center. In 2011 the foundation made its network all over the world and donated about $650 million to children’s health and education issues in India, South Africa, and The United States.

As of 2022, Michael Dell net worth is about $35 billion.


Dell started his career as a businessman since his teenage. He was interested in calculations and business tactics when children want to play games and sports.

In 1984 Dell registered his own company and named it PCs Limited. He changed the name of his company from PC’s Limited to Dell Computer Corporation the following year. When he started his venture he just had a team of few employees and upgraded basic machines.

Dell kept a sharp eye on the interests and desires of the future generation and keenly emphasized customer care, exceptional quality, and upgraded products. These are the basic agenda of his career growth and expanding net worth.

Dell was the one to introduce the fastest personal computer in 1986 by introducing a 2-megahertz 286 processor. This computer made a huge success in terms of prices and quality and competes with the latest computer by IBM.

At the age of 27, Dell became the CEO of one of the most successful companies Dell Technologies in the world. In 1992, Dell Technologies was ranked at the top of the list among the 500 corporations.

From 1996 to 1998 Dell launched his amazing storage products and first servers. It was reported that the company used to sell $1 million computers per day. In 2001 Dell became the largest PC maker of the world breaking the record of Compaq.

In 2013 Michael received a 75% stake while collaborating with Silver Lake Partners of Microsoft and consortium of lenders in Dell Inc. private.

In 2016 Dell started an enterprise software and storage company EMC Corporation which has been labeled as the highest valued tech acquisition in history.

As of 2022, Michael Dell net worth is estimated to be around $35 billion making him one of the richest people in the world.


Dell received numerous awards for his amazing skills and service in various sectors.

  • Dell was listed as an entrepreneur of the year from Inc Magazine.
  • He was ranked as top CEO in American magazine by Worth Magazine.
  • Michael was also titled CEO of the year from Industry Week, Chief Executive and Financial World Magazines.
  • In 2013 Dell received Bower Award for business leadership by Franklin institute.


Michael Saul Dell is one of the richest and talented business tycoons in America. He founded Dell Inc., which is the largest dealer of the personal computer in the world. The main source of his net worth is generated through the sales of his company Dell Inc.

As of 2022, Michael Dell net worth is approx $35 billion.

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