Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

How much is Machine Gun Kelly net worth?

Net Worth:$8 million
Star sign:Taurus
Country of Origin:Ohio, USA
Date of birth: April 22, 1990
Source of wealthrecord producer, rapper, actor
Height:1.92 m

Weight:76 kg
Last Updated:2024


His real name is Colson Baker. He was born on 22nd April 1990. And he is professionally known with MGK name. By profession, he is a famous American rapper.

He is too a singer and actor! He is from Cleveland, Ohio USA. When he was a teenager when he started this musical career of him! He released a mixtape in the year of 2006. Then, later on, he released more of the mixtapes and started getting success.

Machine Gun Kelly net worth is around $8 million.

Early Life

Do you know that Machine Gun Kelly actually moves all around the world and globe, it is true! He got his homes and residence right in Germany and Egypt, then he lived in the United States of America, Denver, Chicago, and Cleveland. When his mother left their home because of unknown reasons, then he started to make settling in Denver along with the company of his father.

His father had a major depression time because of the issues like unemployment. MGK told the media that he used to get bully from other kids during his childhood. He was in the 6th grade when he started to listen to rap for the first time. He attended the school, Hamilton Middle school.

Machine Gun Kelly home life was hardly used to be stable and balanced in their terms because he often used to fight and had regular arguments with his father.

He did attend to this Denver Thomas Jefferson High school. His father got a job in Kuwait and he eventually had to leave with him with his aunt. When he lived alone with his aunt, then at that time he got involved in drugs.


It was in the time of March 2009 that he traveled right to Harlem Apollo theater, on that spot, he made many of the victories. During that theater time, he scored many of consecutive victories.

He became the first one rapper who win at that theater. He used to record the music at his home studio and this spot he used to refer to most of the time with the name Rage Cage. When he got to feature in MTV2 Sucker Free Hairstyle, that at that time he started getting more and more exposure.

Machine Gun Kelly free-styled many of the verses which were taken from his single titled as  Chip of the Block. It was in Feb 2010 that he successfully released his second one mixtape.

Though he started getting popular on a constant basis, still it was difficult for him to afford his rent expenses. When he graduated from high school, then his own father kicked him out of the house.

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Other Successful Career Details

It was with the Bad Boy as well as with the Interscope Records that he got his first one recording contract in the time of 2011.

Machine Gun Kelly debut album was Lace Up and it was released in 2012. That album got the positive and best response from the team of critics. That album contained the singles like Wild Body and Invincible and also Stereo and too Hold Up.

This debut album reached at the 4th spot in the eyes of US billboard 200 chart. This debut album which was titled as Lace Up, it sold about 178000 copies in less time.

Then in the early phase of 2015, this celeb released these singles which were Till I Die and also A Little More. It was mainly for this second one studio album that he made these singles.

That 2nd studio album was titled General Admission and it got to release in 2015 year. He appeared in the films as well like you must have seen him in Beyond The Lights and Viral, Nerve, Punks’s Dead” SLC Punk 2.

As of now, Machine Gun Kelly net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Machine Gun Kelly’s real name is Colson Baker.

Personal Life

Machine Gun Kelly MGK is the father of a child who got born in the year of 2008. It was openly declared by him that he used to have this addiction with heroine.

He got addicted with this behavior for almost two years. He did make a song which actually refers to this addiction and it was titled as Lead You On! He told his fans that this song made a strong impact on a positive note on his life. This is one of the meaningful songs written by them.

It is claimed by Machine Gun Kelly that he smokes on the daily basis. He told that by smoking, it comes out to be as a source of satisfaction and happiness for him.

He told he get the feeling of being loved when he smoke! He listens to Guns N Roses music most of the time and he likes Blink-182 as well. It was during his youth time that he used to listen to their songs a lot.

Awards And Nominations

It was for the top rap collaboration category that Machine Gun Kelly got the nomination. Then he got nominated for the best cover song for Say You Won’t Let Go.

He won US Artist About To Go Global award. He won this Breaking Woodie award and Woodie of the Year award. He won Best Live Performer award and became the winner of Best Music Video Award, Best Mixtape Artist Award, Best Male Artist Award and Voice of The Year Award.

Machine Gun Kelly Motivational Video


We have more updated facts about Machine Gun Kelly net worth so stay tuned with us! He is currently at the young career age stage and we are sure MGK will fill more of his bank balance accounts as soon as he will reach to the higher levels of success.

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